6 Replies to “BTW, going back to the Civil War Statue issue….. KOTA Facebook Poll”

  1. Troy Jones

    This is confirming a guess I had-

    Because the Dems are in an echo chamber, they think they have a winner. Most people though actually are saying “WTF. Do the job you were hired to do and leave the bronze alone.”

  2. jimmy james

    I think a lot of people look at the statue issue like they do book burning. I am trying to acknowledge that point. But I certainly wouldn’t support erecting a new statue that honored a Confederate general and I have a hard time seeing the difference.

    As for the Confederate flag, I believe I know why many choose to display it today. Black Americans see it as a defense of slavery and racism. And you don’t have to be black to have disdain for it.

  3. William Beal

    Is there a full list of all the groups who get a veto over what we see and hear because they might be offended for insanely stupid reasons?

    1. KM

      Beal – Here are some to get you started…

      1. College students, aka: SJW’s. Evergreen State College.

      2. 3rd Wave Feminists. Serena Williams 1950’s Baby Shower or Linda Sarsour.

      3. BLM. Tells white people to ‘Give Up Home You Own’. 5 Dallas officers killed.

      4. Antifa. Stops Milo Yiannopoulos’s speaking event at UC Berkley. Destroy historical statues.

      5. SPLC. They claim Americans First, Task Force of Aberdeen, SD is a hate group.

      6. ESPN. Removed a football announcer because his name (Robert Lee) would offend people.

  4. Emoluments Clause

    Was Clinton convicted of that offense? Did he commit treason like the Confederate generals did?

    Clinton is a part of the continuum of the American experience. The Confederate Generals are a part of a diversion or the devolution of the American experience.

    Plus, losers should not get trophies. Especially. losers who commit treason.


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