Bumbling SDDP admits they have to reselect candidates in new Convention.

As South Dakota Democrats admit they screwed up their paperwork and violated state law in reporting their convention results, they also are admitting they have to conduct a full convention, and the candidates could change:

They will again have three days to submit the candidate list to the Secretary of State’s Office to be certified. And this time, they’ll drive the list to Pierre rather than leaving it up to the postal service, Parkinson said.


Parkinson said the convention would be largely a formality to nominate candidates selected last month.

“Our candidates who were selected in June are still out there campaigning,” Parkinson said. “I expect them to be the nominees once again.”

Read it here.

While dem officials are praying they can talk everyone into it again, they’re admitting the slate could change.

It also likely means that the mysterious disappearing South Dakota Democrat party platform that they’ve been hiding & never filed could also change to remove the nutty parts they don’t want to have see the light of day.

Kind of like when Hillary’s people were in charge of the Democratic Party, and pushed out the Bernie faction.

As long as it goes their way, they’ll put on a happy face for the press in late August.

Until then, they are left without candidates certified for the ballot.

8 Replies to “Bumbling SDDP admits they have to reselect candidates in new Convention.”

  1. Anonymous

    2018-07-10 at 18:19
    The incompetent Ms. Tornberg, as she has shown herself to be, must follow the rules.
    Ms. Krebs should have been following the rules in the first place. Ms. Krebs don’t care any more.
    And the tokers of the demon weed need to follow the rules and stop toking.

    The Tokers and other nuts have helped further destroy the party. Wise move from the beginning that Bjorkman, Seiler, Sutton and a few legislative candidates keep a healthy distance from the party.

  2. Troy Jones

    They keep making it worse. Now in addition to incompetence they are not accepting responsibility.

    Be adults. Admit a screw-up. But, now trying to shift the blame to the Postal Service when they themselves dated the certifications AFTER the date they are required to be submitted.

    You just can’t make this up.

    1. Anonymous

      Not really. The only ones saying that are the candidates whose campaign vehicles broke down in Loserville.

  3. mhs

    Meanwhile: Daschle? Johnson? Herseth? . . . crickets.

    So much for loyalty and fealty to the organization that made them rich and powerful.

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