Buzz words that say very little

This thing is starting to make the rounds on the web.

Biscuits and Gravy really?

I am not going to get into the techno problems on this video.  Most of them are obvious.

Talking points are fine to get the conversation going and they help make sure that everyone is on the same sheet of music.  Beyond that, our leaders and representatives should have their own opinions, that they can express in their own words.  By sticking to just the talking points, and nothing but the talking points, make one look like a cartoon.

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      1. grudznick

        I am fairly regimented where I eat breakfast. I choose not to go somewhere else. Besides, tomorrow at 7am the Conservatives with Common Sense BoD meets to finalize our scorecards!!

        I will not go somewhere else. I am expected there.

          1. Anonymous

            At least Noem does her own talking. If Johnson can’t communicate with us, how can he communicate with his fellow senators on behalf of SD?

  1. grudznick

    Is this interesting “magical manufacturing triangle” that young Ms. Bustos talks about some sort of device that could be set up here in South Dakota, maybe in our poorer areas, to manufacture things? I like her plans for dining choices for her people. I don’t get if she’s for or against Overgodding. That is where her answers need to be more clear.

  2. not just the words

    ..That mean very little, its words that come from certain people that are also worthless.

    Mercer recently wrote about one such person’s decisive 180, 360, 720 degree “word” in the legislature.

    Other words by legislators that mean very little? When the legislature claims to support the GOP platform!

  3. duggersd

    Speaking of buzz words, what does President Obama mean by the words “space” and “flexibility” when talking to his Russian counterpart Medvedev?
    I am wondering just who he is representing. It appears to me he is more interested in appeasement than in protection of our country and allies. More people under the bus.

    1. Job Creator

      duggersd, I think we were treated to a rare opportunity to overhear something that almost every single president who was up for re-election has said. They all know that during the campaign season it is foolish to give their opponents any more fodder to use against them. Then after their second term starts, they can operate far more freely than at any time during their first terms. That Obama said it does not surprise me at all. That he allowed himself to be recorded saying it does…

      1. duggersd

        JC, this is not the first time he has done this type of thing. You would think he would know better by now. I really hope we have not had a President who told a rival that after the election he could give the rival what he wanted. This tells us a little about what President Obama thinks about the security of our country and the several “we don’t have a closer ally than” allies. With allies like Obama, who needs enemies?

  4. Anonymous

    Come on John sign on to Johnsons bill and Grassleys to cut subsidies for those rich farmers over 250,000 .lets see your fiscal responsibility. or are we going to get lip service like usual.

    1. Anonymous

      Tim Johnson is better late than never on this issue. Will Thune and Noem be late? Or will Thune and Noem be never?

      The government should also start means testing disaster relief payments to exclude paying wealthy folks who could afford insurance but simply chose not to buy it. I wonder how much taxpayer money Former Gov. Rounds and Sen. Dan Lederman got when the houses they built by a river flooded? Did those millionaires need taxpayer money, or should they have exercised personal responsibilty and financial responsibility? Just curious if anyone knows the answer to this.

      1. Les

        Biscuits and gravy…….bread and water.

        The real tax on the American people, continuous war, will never stop.

  5. what does one say?

    Nothing will change in hand outs from taxpayer $$$$$$! The boys in the back room who control those elected to represent the people will not cut off $$$ so they can control even more.