Campaigns out on the parade circuit this weekend. Most of them, at least.

Just a quick update from out on the campaign trail from this past weekend, where both DWU and NSU had homecoming parades as we lead into the fall:

I don’t think anyone missed Dusty Johnson in the parades with his campaign material plastered all over the side of a semi-truck (with the hugest disclaimer I’ve ever seen).  Mike Rounds had a semi-sign like this during his first race for Governor, and it tended to be noticed.

Congresswoman and GOP Candidate for Governor Kristi Noem was on the parade route in Aberdeen at NSU Gypsy Days with her team:

Gubernatorial Candidate and Atty General Marty Jackley was also pounding it out on the campaign trail at events this past weekend:

Despite blocking my ability to see her updates on Facebook after she lost the State Fair straw poll, I was able to grab a screen shot noting that Congressional hopeful Shantel Krebs was at the NSU parade this weekend:

And while other candidates walked in parades and met people (actual campaigning),  Lora Hubbel had more important things to ponder:

10 Replies to “Campaigns out on the parade circuit this weekend. Most of them, at least.”

  1. Anonymous

    Lora and Tara doing the hokey pokey on the parade circuit would be kind of fun to watch. No clown outfits needed.

  2. Jonathan

    Pat, it seems you give Lora the best coverage of any outlet in SD. If she’s not fundraising or out meeting people, she’s not a serious candidate. Why give her the exposure?

      1. MC

        Tara, on this one point, I agree with you. Not sure if that is a good thing or not. However, Ms. Hubbel’s posts does seem to attract readers to this blog.

        1. Tara Volesky

          Pat you come up with the funniest stuff. Must say, SDWC is no longer a boring blog. lol. Now be nice to the Flaming Lora. And MC, on your above comment, I do agree with you.

    1. Tara Volesky

      Jonathan instead of walking parades, she is talking with many different types of people. She will be at the GOAC meeting this week.


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