Campus Reform: in 2018, USD Law asked non-minority students if they were deferring to “minoritized voices” in discussions

It’s probably a good thing that the Legislature is looking into liberal bias on our state university campuses. Because as noted tonight by the Campus Reform website, from time to time things are popping up at our university campuses that might leave a lot of South Dakotans scratching their heads and asking “what are they teaching?”

In the latest, it sounds like just this past year, in 2018 at a diversity orientation presentaiton, law school students at USD were being asked if they were “deferring to “minoritized” voices during discussions,” because if they weren’t… they were being told they might need to consider if they were “taking up space.”

A diversity orientation presentation for law students at the University of South Dakota encourages non “minitorized” voices to consider whether or not they are “taking up space” when they contribute to a discussion.  This comes just weeks after the South Dakota Board of Regents announced an investigation into the existence of liberal bias in the diversity offices of state schools.

The presentation slides obtained by Campus Reform through a Freedom of Information Act request indicate that they were used during the USD law school orientation in 2018. Within the various slides is a flowchart that asks students to assess whether or not they are “taking up space” or “contributing to a space.” One slide uses a flowchart to guide students through answering this question by assessing whether or not they are deferring to “minoritized” voices during discussions.


“The slide that you indicate is a conversation piece that I inserted into last year’s Law School Orientation session on Diversity & Inclusive Excellence at USD,” Lamont Sellers, associate vice president for diversity at USD, told Campus Reform in a statement Monday.

Read the entire story here.

Hm.. Was that 5.9 million in University diversity office spending I just heard being scratched out of the budget…..?

24 Replies to “Campus Reform: in 2018, USD Law asked non-minority students if they were deferring to “minoritized voices” in discussions”

  1. Ymous

    What does this have to do with education?
    This is the school I graduated from and have encouraged my children to attend.
    I need to reconsider.

  2. Anonymous

    Liberal Bias? Campus Reform? I had always put in the good word for South Dakota universities and tech schools. Never once did I have an issue and had both conservative and liberal teachers as just being part of the college experience. Looks like another solution to a problem that does not exist but will be incredibly harmful. Definitely will advise those kids to go outside the state for higher ed.

    Was this about a religious based organization not being able to get student association funding?

  3. Mike Cranny

    Why does a University of supposed higher education need a diversity office? Talk about taking up space and wasting dollars.

  4. Jake

    De-fund and shut down these diversity offices. Now. They only exist to push liberal agendas. Legislators need to act because the universities are captured by the leftists and will never change.

  5. Anon

    You all have no idea what is happening here in Brookings. The loons run the asylum. Liberals are in charge and they will never willingly surrender power. The Regents are all “see no evil” and into cover ups. Governor needs to blow up this place

  6. April

    You need to investigate the Center for Diversity and Community at USD. You’ll be shocked what goes on there

    1. Anonymous

      Do you know what a Liberal Arts program actually is and the majors it involves? Otherwise you have a good sense of humor! 🙂

  7. Anne Beal

    We had a legislative candidate in District 8 who must have taken a bunch of these classes. He campaigned on the platform of being the “inclusive” candidate.
    Since he didn’t seem to know anything about agriculture or education, few people paid any attention to him.
    This is ivory tower insanity.

  8. Victor

    “Dean Fulton” is just another liberal hatchet man, was chief fundraiser for Stephanie Herseth, bad dude, he ain’t on your side man

  9. duggersd

    It seems to me that if a student is conservative, that would be a minority voice and should be heard.

    1. Ike

      Nah. Lock them in a cage with no food or medical care until such time as we deport them back to whatever sh!thole they came from.

      1. duggersd

        You see, Ike, comments like that are what makes conservatives think liberals are hypocritical when they talk about diversity. Look at the violence perpetrated by people on the same side of the coin as you are. We just had some clown shoot into a building targeting ICE. We have just had a couple of people who it turns out are closer to Warner and Sanders than Trump murder a bunch of people.

        1. Ike

          I’m not talking about domestic terrorists (and you’re blatantly spreading misinformation, there). I’m talking about your garden variety racists, sexists, and homophobes – who tend to drift toward “conservative” more than other ideologies – Ideologies that have no place in civil or educational arenas. But keep channeling Steve King. I’m sure that will work out well in the end.