Can Rep. Mulally pick up KSFY with that?

From Twitter…

Now, look more closely…

We’ve pointed out Representative Mulally’s .. choice in head gear in the past, and this might be the first time I’ve seen one of these on the House floor outside of a pageant contestant.

Is that how State Rep. Tina Mulally (one of the leaders of the SD Freedom Caucus) picks up her marching orders from the other freedom caucusers? Because if it is, I want to know if she pick up KSFY with that. Terrible trouble with that here at the home office since I cut the cable cord.

11 thoughts on “Can Rep. Mulally pick up KSFY with that?”

  1. Come on Pat. Plenty of important topics to talk about without personal attacks of this nature. I don’t always agree with Rep. Mullally, but I know this, she has had the courage to put her beliefs and positions forward and to convince the voters of her district to show enough confidence in her to elect her. More than once. All of our Legislators, regardless of political affiliation or political positions, deserve our respect. They don’t just write about it in blogs and emails, they put it on the ballot, they live it, and they serve. I for one am tired of the senseless noise and petty attacks. I am hoping and praying our Legislators have a Legislative Session where “The People’s Business” takes center stage, and the dignity and respect of years gone by is restored to our Legislature.

    1. Sir: I fully concur with your last sentence on restoring the ‘dignity and respect of years gone by’ TO the Legislature. However, in my opinion, that will not occur until that dignity and respect is restored WITHIN the Legislature. The pathetic and constant name-calling by Senator Schoenbeck last year is an example. I’ve been involved with youth organizations for several years and I’ve seen elementary and high school STUDENT leadership act more responsibly!

  2. I agree with above posters. This is comparable to several posts, on different topics, I have referred to as being ‘sophomoric’. If you got to know her, you would know what a kind-hearted person she is…with a great sense of humor.

  3. Let him without sin cast the first stone came immediately to mind upon seeing this and right after that unless you have walked a million miles in someone else’s shoes ………………

    Tina has a quite horrific story from her youth and is today an incredibly strong person. I’m with Jeff and Anne on this one.

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