Can we quote you on that?

“What it comes down to is this – Argus Leader Media isn’t anybody’s marketing tool.”

Patrick Lalley, Argus Leader News Director.

Does that mean that they won’t be taking Steve Hildebrand or Rick Weiland’s calls anymore..?

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    1. Anonymous

      I think they support Mickelson and Thune from the news I read. They might support a democrat if their was one that was competitive.

      For anyone who bashes the Argus leader tell me the last time Thune or Noem or Daugaard took a shot from them. My gosh we are sissy wimps in the gop these days.

  1. Anonymous

    Mr. Lalley’s column made no mention of Steve Hildebrand or Rick Weiland. It was about covering the state’s two largest universities’ sporting events. Not politics.

    1. Anonymous

      Thank you for your input, Argus apologist. It was a reference to them having Argus reporters on speed dial who gobble up and promote anything they say.

      1. Noddy Holder

        Just like this blog gobbles up and promotes anything put out by our 4 Horsemen Thune, Rounds, Noem, and Daugaard.

        1. Anonymous

          Blogs are politically biased, that is why you have conservative blogs and liberal blogs. They don’t pretend to be neutral. The newspapers like the Argus claim to be politically unbiased. That is a big difference and they can’t be compared.

        2. Anonymous

          This isn’t a “news” outlet like the Argus is supposed to be. It’s really that simple, so get over it.

      2. Anonymous

        Can you point to the portion of my comment where I apologized for the Argus? Go on. Point it out. And you can prove that Argus reporters have SH and RW on speed dial? Oh, wait, of course you do, you know everything about everything.

        Anyway, thank you for your failed attempt to cover up the fact that the quote used from Mr. Lallley’s column was taken out of context.

    1. Anonymous

      They read like a bulletin from Thune. Especially Ellis at the Argus. He might be on Thune’s payroll.

      1. Roger Meyer

        You obviously haven’t read the Yankton P & D. It is so left and so Democrat, they will hardly notice a Republican.

        1. Cliff Hadley

          Golly, such venom. Here’s the deal: The papers I edited had higher local story counts, fewer corrections and errors, and smokin’ editorial pages that readers and advertisers responded to. That’s comparing apples-to-apples, year-to-year.

          You sound bitter. Did I fire you once?

          1. Cliff Hadley

            Forgot to mention that I judge newspapers as a reader and an advertiser, as I own a business. The Argus is a dull read. But don’t take my word for it. Trust all the people who no longer read it.

          2. Anonymous

            If you can’t handle the “venom” then don’t dish it out. And sound … how does one ‘sound’ when one writes a comment? That’s a very silly statement. Fortunately, no, I’ve never worked for you. I wouldn’t be caught dead in the arm pit of South Dakota. And besides, you haven’t worked long enough as an editor to fire hardly one or two people. Two years at the Plainsman, only one year at the American News. Then a reporter at the Mitchell paper.

            It’s good that you own a business. You obviously have issues taking orders from those higher than you in an organization.

            1. Cliff Hadley

              You’re right. I’m a has-been and a fraud. Guess I better give back the AP Sweepstakes Award for best newspaper in S.D. at the Plainsman.

              As for Aberdeen, I didn’t fit the Knight Ridder culture. It happens. They wanted me to market the paper. I wanted to write news. And by the time I left Mitchell after three years — a terrific experience — it was plain the internet was already wrecking the traditional newspaper model industrywide. So I started over.

              That was almost 20 years ago. I work with my wife in the clothing store she started in 1989. Stop by anytime. You can catch me up on your successes.

            2. Anonymous

              Being the editor of 3 midsize SD papers is pretty impressive. I’m going to take Cliff’s word on this subject.

              1. Cliff Hadley

                Thanks so much. As it is, if Anonymous on Sept. 5 knows me so well, he/she should do my eulogy. Here’s some more facts:

                Prior to coming to South Dakota in 1992, I was editor at an Oregon weekly, then was on the rim at the Idaho Statesman in Boise, then was with AP in Boise. Won a little fame with my national stories — which still can be found in large paper archives like the LA Times — and also was chosen best headline writer while at Gannett. On top of that, my throw-away lede for a Big Sky basketball roundup — “To be the best, you have to beat the best” — was quoted all over the West Coast and eventually became a catch-phrase on Sports Center.

                Sorry to all for being a little puffed up. My life really is like the tallest building in Wichita — no big deal.

                1. Anonymous

                  A reporter in Oregon and Idaho? According to your profile on, that is not correct because there’s no mention of it under Professional Experience.

  2. Adam Zobel

    Well, the Argus Leader’s continuing crusade for open government will be a complete joke if they decide to endorse Hillary this fall.

  3. Anonymous

    First they claim they’re unbiased when it comes to politics.

    Next, they claim they’re not biased when it comes to sports teams.

    Lots of smoke being blown. Are they trying to hide the fire?