Candidate Video – Tamera Enalls for District 25 House

Tamera Enalls, one of the Republican Primary Candidates for the House in District 25, has a video out talking about her background and her candidacy of Facebook this weekend. Check it out:

9 Replies to “Candidate Video – Tamera Enalls for District 25 House”

  1. Troy Jones

    What I liked about it is it was very sincere. Nothing prepared or artificial. This is the type of demeanor that I trust to make good decisions. When I disagree with people like this in authority, it is easy for me to move on knowing they probably know more specifics than me and I’ll just trust their judgment.

    What is missing (and can be covered elsewhere) is what is her background/experiences post-Miller.

  2. "Very Stable Genius"

    A good piece until I heard this, “…I love the different groups which have come to Sioux Falls, but feel there are things that need to be said, and I feel like people need to stand up for what is really South Dakota so we don’t we lose what we are in the midst of that…”…… What does she mean by that?

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    We keep finding new and better fresh faces in our Grand Old Party of South Dakota keeping the “R” side vibrant and intriguing. Sioux Falls is lucky to have this conservative woman knowing she was raised right in the Heartland of the State. District 23.


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