Candidate who changed parties in February attacking GOP Chairman for switching party 18 years ago

From Bob Mercer:

Republican former legislator Lora Hubbel provided Lederman’s Iowa registration to South Dakota reporters Wednesday.

The registration record shows Daniel Isaac Lederman last voted in Iowa in 2000.

Lederman later served in the South Dakota Legislature as a Republican from Dakota Dunes.


Lederman won the South Dakota Republican chairmanship this year.

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and from my mailbox, in a press release from Lora Hubbel:

“Being a Republican isn’t about stealing the “R” to get elected. It isn’t about using the GOP brand…”


“The reason these politicians are upset about their voting records and voter registrations being made public is it gives the Republican base the full ugly picture of the reality that our GOP has been highjacked by political opportunists who don’t share our conservative values.  As your next governor, I will take away the liberal top cover for these fake Republicans…”

Of course, from my previous post which comes from a Constitution Party Press Release dated last year…

Kurt Evans won the CP’s nomination for the US Senate at the Constitution Party of South Dakota’s state convention that was held on Saturday, July 9th in Sioux Falls.


Lora Hubbel was elected as the new State Chairman of the Constitution Party of South Dakota!

Read that here.

and from the State Constitution Party in February of this year..

Lora Hubbel has decided to step down as State Party Chairman.  We thank her for serving and wish her the best in the future.

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So, basically, a candidate who changed parties to become Republican in February is attacking the GOP Chairman for switching parties about 18 years ago.

10 Replies to “Candidate who changed parties in February attacking GOP Chairman for switching party 18 years ago”

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve often said that the the voter registration card would be used against people. It’s time to drop the party affiliation on the voter registration card. Clowns like Hubbel are using the voter reg card to try and paint people as something their not. I’d expect this dirty tactic from the dems. Sad!

  2. KM

    So what if you change parties, I have 3 times. Watching one’s voting record are where the answers lie.

    I do agree there are Republican legislators that are voting more liberal than their constituents are being led to believe. Hubbel may get some traction from this…

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      It does? So, where exactly is this posted anonymous person whose identity we can only guess? And more specifically, is there any evidence that he voted twice in the same year anywhere?

  3. Lee Schoenbeck

    Dan Lederman is a Democrat…..just like Ronald Reagan. Well, not exactly, both were and then changed….but Dan has been more conservative than RR, after his conversion.

  4. chief

    18 years ago ? Is that common core math ? If he voted as a Dem in 2000 (assuming that was in November), then the switch came after that (this is 2017), then the switch was less than 17 years ago. And it could have been even more recent than that since it doesn’t say when he actually switched !


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