Candidates, there’s a lot of “don’t do this” here.

As I was driving to Minneapolis yesterday to take in today’s Twins game, my e-mail started pinging with “did you see what was in the Aberdeen paper?!?”  I had it sent to me, and I was left wondering “why would anyone do this” as well.

If our little leftist friend Cory Heidelberger wanted to waste money, I’m sure he could have sent it to Jay Williams. It would have about the same effect in getting either one of them elected. None, whatsoever, but I’m sure Jay would have appreciated it since no one else will send him any.

So, why is something like this such a stupid idea for most candidates? Several reasons.

It is April. This election is in November.  Since Cory is a new resident carpet bagging in Aberdeen, he might feel he needs that much time to meet people. But trust me, no one cares yet.

Along those lines, he must have unlimited money to burn. (See “it is April” above).  Unless you have unlimited money like Cory does, save it until people care.

It also comes off as a vanity piece. Is his logo really a big “h”?  That’s just… awful. 

Was that a template from MSWord, or did someone splurge on Microsoft Publisher? I’d say it was done cheaply, but that does a disservice to the word “cheap.”  Using MS Publisher and xeroxing it might be ok for a club newsletter, but it screams unprofessional for a political candidate. For someone whose employment record is as spotty as Cory’s, i would not want to come off as unprofessional.

I could go on. But then I’d be guilty of rambling like the “Giant H” news. 

Suffice it to say “don’t do this.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Heidelberger’s photo would seem more fitting having him wear a Mao cap and those green uniforms that the party members wear. Wonder what boycott he and his followers are cooking up next? What a sorry and miserable bunch.

      1. Anonymous

        It was not too long ago Heidelberger and his followers called for a boycott with a list of businesses and a public school. Besides being anti-business boycotting a public school?

          1. Anonymous

            The last one was over HB 1007 religious freedom.

            Thunder Road Family Fun Parks – Sioux Falls/Aberdeen/Watertown/Fargo (Rep. Al Novstrup, president)
            Hilton Garden Inn Sioux Falls Downtown – Sioux Falls (Rep. Steve Westra, COO, Hegg Companies)
            Hilton Garden Inn Sioux Falls South – Sioux Falls (Rep. Steve Westra, COO, Hegg Companies)
            Courtyard by Marriott Sioux Falls – Sioux Falls (Rep. Steve Westra, COO, Hegg Companies)
            SpringHill Suites Sioux Falls – Sioux Falls (Rep. Steve Westra, COO, Hegg Companies)
            Elements on 8th Restaurant (soon to be Crave Restaurant) – Sioux Falls (Rep. Steve Westra, COO, Hegg Companies)
            Best Western Graham’s Motel – Murdo (Rep. Wayne Steinhauer, owner)
            Greeny’s Restaurant and Lodging – Doland*
            Beal Distributing Inc – Sioux Falls
            Farmers Insurance – Mark Willadsen – Sioux Falls
            Fast-Teks On-Site Computer Services of the Black Hills – Rapid City (Rep. Lynne DiSanto, owner)
            Fierce Models – Rapid City (Rep. Lynne DiSanto, owner)
            Deutsch Chiropractic Clinic – Watertown (Rep. Fred Deutsch, owner)
            Landmark Realty and Auction – Dell Rapids
            Heinemann Family Dentistry – Flandreau/Dell Rapids
            The Shop, Inc – Big Stone City
            Haugaard Law Office – Sioux Falls
            Roger Hunt Law Office – Brandon
            Schoenbeck Law – Watertown
            Blackburn & Stevens Prof Law – Yankton
            Mobridge Economic Development Corp – Mobridge
            Hegg Companies, Inc – Sioux Falls
            Schoenfish and Company – Parkston
            Doss & Associates – Watertown (Rep. Tim Rounds, adjuster)†
            Mickelson & Company – Sioux Falls
            Esurance – Sioux Falls (Rep. Don Haggar, assistant sales manager)
            Dakota Resources – Renner (Rep. Dick Werner, credit officer)
            Schulte TA, Inc – Gillette, WY
            Best Practices Academy – Brookings
            Conzet Consulting – Rapid City
            Latterall Consulting Group – Tea
            Herman Otten Construction – Tea
            BigHorn Canyon Community Church – Rapid City
            South Dakota Advocacy Services – Pierre
            Hurley Middle School – Hurley
            Lake Area Technical Institute – Watertown***
            Madison Central School District – Madison
            [added 2016.02.15 21:46 CST] Saunter Raven LLC (Mathew Wollmann’s aerial imagery company)

            Boycott Madison Central Central School District? The same district that just happened to fire Heidelberger? Boycott a school district? Really?

            There are most likely more boycotts he and his followers called for.

            Then there is the subject of Heidelberger being anti-business.

            1. Anonymous

              That wasn’t a call for a boycott. He was pointing the businesses in which the legislators worked for or owned. You conveniently left out that part when you copied and pasted this material from Corey’s website.

              Are you going to call for a boycott of Dakota State University? The institution that didn’t renew your teaching contract? What was the reason again for the non-renewal? Remind everyone, it will be fun, Andrew.

              1. Anonymous

                The title of the post is asking to boycott sponsors. Your comprehension may be affected by the Cheech & Chong atmosphere over there.

                1. Anonymous

                  Then include it with your copy and paste, Andrew. Your inability to get anything right may be affected by the Gladys Kravitz atmosphere over there.

                  Don’t want to talk about what happened at DSU? Yeah, I wouldn’t want to either. If I were you.

                  1. Anonymous

                    Heidelberger is running for office and has quite a bit of liabilities that will come out in the open. Big difference!

        1. Anonymous

          My favorite kooky kory konnection was when he questioned the motives of a fund-raising mother (as a money grubbing opportunist) who only wanted to return to SD to witness the execution of her child’s rapist & murderer.

          No soul beneath that stringy hairdo.

  2. Anonymous

    There is some good stuff here pp but I agree that he’s got word vomit and Al Novstrup voted for the tax increase and is a past Eagle award open government winner so it’s not like cory is distinguishing himself. Al is also a resident of Aberdeen.

    Al is also a good guy.

    1. Anonymous

      Al is well well known in Aberdeen and respected. He is very level headed and really takes the time to learn both sides of an issue.

  3. mhs

    When I was learning newswriting from the finest teacher I ever had, Mary Jewell Ledbetter, at Pierre High in 1977, it was pounded into me to put your lead thought in the first six words and hit your 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, why) in the first 30. Both of his articles don’t get around to the lead until about word 500.

    I’ve always admired CAH’s passion, but, passion has to be tempered to make communication effective and sway opinion.

    I kinda like the H, except that it makes the East / West River gap look even more enormous than it already is.

    1. Anonymous

      It doesn’t matter who it is as long as it’s someone new, huh? That’s a Democrat way of looking at things: they would say that if you stab the patient in the heart with a scalpel, at least you’re doing something.

      Having this clown in any kind of position of power is like electing the worst ideas in political thought over the last couple centuries.

  4. oldguy

    I would guess he feels he has a uphill road and wants to start now to climb it. The one thing people will see is he does have passion for his beliefs..

    1. Anonymous

      “The one thing people will see is he does have passion for his beliefs..”

      Passion fueled by hate is evil.

      Passion fueled by vindictiveness is evil.

      Passion fueled by inaccuracies, gossip, and questioning peoples’ motives is evil.

      Passion is not always a positive attribute, especially with this guy.

      1. Anonymous

        He admitted several months ago that he could not run for office because he had too much baggage. What changed? He was unable to control his ego? He will throw others under the bus to advance himself. He was fired from Madison School District and something happened in Spearfish where he was let go. There is more…………

    2. Anonymous

      Passion for something that is antithetical to freedom, morality, and self-reliance is not something to have respect for.

  5. Novstrup is the "November Man"

    CAH would have had a better chance against Thune. Al Novstrup is a heavyweight street fighter in senate races having defeated the likes of Senators Hoerth, Dennert and most recently Representative Burt Elliot. That’s why he’s known aroud Aberdeen as the November Man.

    Novstrup barely has a scratch on him. He will dispense of this opposition when November comes around.

  6. grudznick

    Mr. H seems a swell enough fellow who is a little hyperactive. Mr. Novstrup has been proven one of the swellest and is a seasoned and effective fellow in the legislatures. He often controlled and steered many good outcomes to their ultimate conclusions, that is just the sort of quiet yet powerful man he is. Mr. H has a lot of newslettering to get done before the election. I realize that yes Mr. H has a lot of money. He can blog for free and money just comes into his tip jar. Mr. Novstrup probably does not know how to blog for unlimited cash so I encourage all of you in the Abereen area to seen Mr. Novstrup some of your money to even things out. We want a fair election.

  7. Lee Schoenbeck

    I think Cory’s secret plan is to dry up Al’s fundraising , by appearing to be throwing the race to Al in a landslide – devious son-of-a-gun

  8. Anonymous

    Heidelberger & his nutty followers seemed to have an issue with a business up in Aberdeen being the University of Sparta providing gun safety and personal defense classes. It’s a legal business supplying demand.

  9. Anonymous

    I’m confident that the fine folks of district 3 will soundly reject this candidate’s vicious anti-Americanism, hate for all things Christian, hate for women and blacks and hate for everyone else who disagrees with him.

    In keeping with the spirit of true activism, I urge everyone to boycott the Aberdeen News. NO respectable SD business would do business with this roving hater.

    I’m confident that my boycott will be as effective as that photo of a 2016 candidate still-stuck-in-the 60s-whacked-out-hippy look.


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