Marty Jackley stops in Brookings on his announcement tour.

The SDSU Research Park was the setting for the Brookings leg of the Marty Jackley for Governor announcement tour this morning. I popped out to take pictures, as well as to just see what I could see.

Big topics in his announcement included jobs, education, agriculture, and specifically value added agriculture:

There was a crowd of about 20-30 people there for the announcement, including staffers and well wishers. The announcement did take a light jab at his opponent Congresswoman Kristi Noem, as Marty introduced members of his “All-South Dakota staff,” including GOP regular Jason Glodt, and former Rounds campaign worker Megan Davis who is serving as Jackley’s East River Director.

The campaign is only going to heat up from here… Stay tuned!

Democrat Mike Huether: Do as I say, not as I do. Bus rides for kids bad. Billboards featuring Huether good.

Did we just land in opposite land!?!   The quote in today’s Argus Leader from Democratic Mayor Mike Huether just floored me, as he came up with the flimsiest of excuses for his backhanded swat at the City Council’s approval of free bus rides to kids in the summer:

Mayor Mike Huether won’t sign off on a new city busing program offering free rides to Sioux Falls youth this summer.

A resolution passed by the Sioux Falls City Council last week to waive rider fees for people 18 and under through summer break sat at City Hall for seven days before Mayor Huether returned it to the city clerk Wednesday evening without his signature.


” I do believe the resolution has some merit. It was the process, the rush and the lack of prudent due diligence that I could not defend nor support,” he said.

Read it here.

“It was the process, the rush, and the lack of prudent due diligence?”  Is he kidding?  Is he freaking kidding?   I ask, because process didn’t seem to be so concerning to him over when he was plastering his face all over billboards in the See my face?- I’m running for Governor in 2018 “Sioux Falls Has Jobs” web site debacle:

Mayor Mike Huether unveiled an ad campaign and website Thursday aimed at helping employers fill more than 2,000 job vacancies that exist in the city.

The effort includes billboards and kiosk ads that prominently feature the mayor and the address for a new website…


“I’m OK with it happening, but I am just surprised that we didn’t ever talk about it as a council,” she said. “I don’t want to be negative, because it has the potential to be a great thing, but I wish I had known more ahead of time.”

Council chairman Dean Karsky agreed.

“I think it’s a fantastic way to go out and market Sioux Falls. We’re not advocating for any one particular industry, employer or sector,” he said. “But I think it would have been nice for the administration to advise the council or at least an informational meeting. We’re the ones that put together the budget. We shouldn’t be surprised by stuff that’s coming down the pipe like this.”

Read that here.

And how much did each cost?  According to the above article, the city of Sioux Falls as directed by Huether “entered two separate contracts worth about $8,000 and $3,500 for kiosk and billboard advertising” which prominently featured the mayor.  According to this article,  “A student rider pass during the summer months, offered since 2010, has yielded modest interest – 185 kids took advantage of the $25 seasonal passes last summer.”     That’s $4625.

So, according to the mayor, spending $11,500 to plaster the mayor’s glamor shot photos all over Sioux Falls is ok to secretly do on a discretionary basis. But when in public session the City Council decides to spend $4600 to let kids ride public transit to the pool…?  “It was…. the rush and the lack of prudent due diligence that (he) could not defend nor support.”  And we have Huether’s backhanded treatment of the measure to accompany his passive-aggressive comment.

Sorry. But I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Mike Huether. And try explaining this one on the campaign trail.

Man who had felony child abuse charges dismissed running for Governor of SD

A man who had been charged with up to 30 counts of child abuse in 2013, only to later have the charges dismissed without prejudice, has put up a public facebook page announcing his intention to run for the office of Governor in South Dakota.

Currently unaffiliated with a party, Wendel Hiland notes on his facebook that he’s running as an independent.

On his page, Wendel_hiland_for_GovHiland also lays out his platform for office, noting:

My pledge as South Dakota Governor will be to the constitutional rights of the individual rather than the perceived privilege of government to abuse those rights. I will run on demanding Government accountability with an emphasis on the individual rights of its citizens. When a Government agency abuses those rights, they will be held accountable. I will fight to put parental rights back into the hands of parents. I will demand South Dakota remove all unconstitutional Check points and strive to rebuild the communities trust in government.

I will also live stream every moment possible in regards to my official duties as Governor and will demand transparency thru out our State Government. I will require other government agencies to also be live streamed so as to give WE THE PEOPLE a clear view as to the goings on in OUR State Government.

I will systematically abolish the “good ole boys” club and return control back to the “good ole people”.

To do this I need the support of the individuals that make up South Dakota.

Read that here.

Hiland also discusses other points of government such as martial law:

Regarding Marshal law.
Constitutionally Government does not have the right to suspend our God given, constitutionally affirmed rights.
Our rights are not given to us by Government and therefore Government has no authority over them. This being said, with our willingness over many years to allow the Government to overstep it constitutional boundaries, anything is possible. It is our duty as a free peoples to push back these tides of tyranny less we are swept away in bondage. This is our duty to those who have fallen and for future generations who’s freedoms now rest on our shoulders.

Hiland had been nominally active in the circle of people orbiting the Annette Bosworth case, appearing at a Sioux Falls rally.

The next election for Governor will be held in November of 2018.

While councilors grumble over his self-promoting billboards, SF Mayor Huether out trying his 2018 stump speech.

Will the TV Commercials starring the mayor imploring us all to come to Sioux Falls be coming shortly?

I ask, because Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether seems awfully eager for the 2018 Gubernatorial campaign to begin.  First, he put up all these billboards with his face plastered all over them, and now he’s starting to travel around the state making thinly veiled campaign speeches:

Huether was in town Wednesday to impart some of what he’s learned from his own experiences of running a city and was quick to point out that while he is a great supporter of Yankton, he also intended to issue the city as challenge to strive to be better.

“I’m here for a reason — I love this town, but I am going to mention some things today that are going to make some of you uncomfortable, and I think you need it,” he said. “There were times in my life where I was challenged to an even greater level. … Yankton, I’m going to do the same for you today. “

For nearly two hours, Huether testified on the importance of confidence, partnerships between public and private enterprises, and keeping the fiscal house in order while stressing the critical need to maintain and procure solid infrastructure systems and quality-of-life investments in the community.

Read it all here.

For nearly two hours, Huether testified on the importance of confidence…?”   I can hardly imagine!  And Is it just me, or does he say “I” an awful lot?


This is just the latest move in shameless self-promotion from the state’s highest ranking Democrat as he continues with his self-aggrandizing, and naked lust for higher office.

It’s not as if this comes as a great shock, given that it’s been standard operating procedure from Huether since he was first elected. But as the months tick away until he’s out of office and moving on towards the next one, it seems as if it’s only getting worse.

In addition to his antics that make the media, I’ve actually had people note to me that in a speech or two, Huether actually compared himself to Governor Bill Janklow. Because by including it in his speeches, he somehow thinks it will become so. Forgetting the fact that the former Governor didn’t actively seek the spotlight, as opposed to seeking to get things done.

With Huether stepping up the “I love Mike Huether” campaign machine, it’s going to be a long, long three years until 2018. Especially for the residents of Sioux Falls.