Terry LaFleur still crying about having a fool for a lawyer.

In the hearing yesterday to determine whether the Constitution Party’s candidates could be placed on the ballot (either faction of them), “Dr” Terry Lee LaFleur, who acted as his own lawyer (but not an attorney) because Gordon Howie stole his attorney away is continuing his own personal sideshow in a missive posted on Facebook in the past hour.

I think he’s being a bit of a cry baby, but this is the man who claimed he had enough signatures to get on the ballot as a Republican and was “railroaded.” At some point you’d think he’d accept his loss like an adult.

But, why would he start having any dignity now?

In his facebook manifesto he calls the South Dakota Judicial System a Kangaroo Court, claims that the Secretary of State lied and used hearsay evidence against him, and that “South Dakota has the best Circuit Court Judges money can buy.”  And that he “secretly recorded the whole hearing.”  (Can you do that? I would think the Judge wouldn’t care for that.)

But the best part? “Dr.” Terry Lee has declared “I’m still in this race it regardless of what this kangaroo court decides.”

I’m not sure how he’s still going to run when he’s not on the ballot. But..

Does this seem too nutty to be true? Don’t take my word for it. Read his public Facebook posting for yourself (Before it disappears):

Update… When “Dr.” Terry Lee complained about it being a Kangaroo Court in the hearing yesterday, do you think it sounded like this?

Breaking… Writ of Prohibition granted against placing Constitution Party candidates on Ballot

I’m hearing reports this afternoon that a Writ of Prohibition was granted against the Secretary of State in placing either faction of the Constitution Party candidates on the ballot and the judge was unable to determine who the actual chair of the party was.

(That might be a problem they want to fix before the next election.)

Also, neither the Lora Hubbel faction, or the Terry LaFleur faction met the 60 day from primary requirement in the CP bylaws. So, if you aren’t following your own bylaws, that might be a problem. And the word is that the Judge says that no Party can have 2 competing conventions.

In a statement issued by South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman:

This afternoon, a hearing was held regarding the South Dakota Republican Party’s request for a writ of prohibition against the Secretary of State’s certification of anyone from the Constitution Party for the November ballot because of the party’s internal fight over whether one or neither of two factions’ claims to the party chairmanship is legitimate, as well as other issues.

“I’m pleased that after examining the evidence, the Judge concurred with the Republican party’s position that the people vying to be nominated under the Constitution Party banner lacked standing to do so,” Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman noted after the outcome of the hearing.

“We brought the action to prevent the placement of those claiming to be candidates on the ballot because laws matter. And in a civilized society, you don’t just get to say that you’re a candidate without following state law. And that includes the Constitution party”

Read that here.

Update! Terry LaFleur responds to being handed his hat in court:

Just remember. Dr Terry LaFleur is “a lawyer but not an attorney.”

And he just lost. On every count.

Bloomberg News has story about the genesis of South Dakota’s Main Street fairness tax bill

There’s an interesting story that was posted about the NCSL, and the NCSL staffer who helped State Senator Deb Peters bring a level playing field for South Dakota’s Main Street stores when competing against Internet vendors:

Behlke, director of budget and tax, took on many tasks in his eight years with the organization. He considers his work in advancing South Dakota Sen. Deb Peters’ (R) online sales tax statute (S.B. 106) as one of his greatest achievements.

That law would eventually become the focus of the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 21 ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair. In the ruling, the high court tossed out Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, its disputed 1992 physical presence threshold for when states could tax remote sales, and suggested strongly that South Dakota’s economic nexus threshold of annual in-state sales exceeding $100,000 or 200 separate in-state transactions would pass constitutional muster. More than two dozen states have established economic nexus laws, many of them identical to South Dakota’s.


“South Dakota was actually my assigned state at the NCSL, and in 2015, Senator Peters and I discussed challenging Quill and the physical presence rule. We then met and discussed the idea with South Dakota’s attorney general and other state officials before the senator introduced the bill in January 2016,” Behlke said. “After we met with a group of South Dakota lawmakers to discuss the statute, the most common question I got was ‘why can’t we vote on this today?’”

Read it all here.

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AFP-SD State Director Calls Tariffs A Failed Trade Policy

AFP-SD State Director Calls Tariffs A Failed Trade Policy

PIERRE, S.D. – In case you missed it, Americans for Prosperity-South Dakota (AFP-SD) State Director Don Haggar was recently interviewed by WNAX Radio 570 on the impact tariffs have on South Dakota’s economy, stemming from the ongoing trade war.

“Tariffs hurt the economy… and let’s face it, tariffs are a tax,” said AFP-SD State Director Don Haggar. During the segment, Haggar also emphasized the importance of free trade and less government interference in the market.

For more of Haggar’s interview, visit WNAX’s website here.


Americans for Prosperity-South Dakota has released a series of statements on the topic of trade:

AFP-SD Farm Bailouts Show Tariff’s Harm

AFP-SD Thanks Sens. Rounds, Thune and Rep. Noem for Protecting South Dakota Agriculture

Americans for Prosperity Reiterates Pro-Trade, Anti-Tariff Priorities

Recently, State Director Don Haggar penned an Op-ed in the Tri-State Neighbor that can be found here.

Which dumpster fire will the court extinguish in the game of Survivor – Constitution party Island?

The Constitution Party….. Parties… Well, one of the Constitution party factions has named it’s candidates for the fall. From KELO Radio:

One convention nominated Terry LaFleur and Rick Gortmaker as the Constitution Party’s governor and lt. governor candidates.

The other convention nominated Lora Hubbel and Tara Volesky as the standard bearers for governor and lt. governor.

However, it’s possible that neither set of candidates makes it onto the General Election ballot.

Read it all here.

Much like the emcee on Survivor extinguishing someone’s torch, tomorrow, the judge in the court case is going to extinguish at least one of the factions’ dumpster fires when she determines the fate of the request of the Republican Party, who has sought a writ of prohibition against Secretary of State Shantel Krebs from placing either of the questionable party factions on the ballot.

Or if the GOP wins it’s arguments, it could be a double elimination, since neither faction really has a definitive claim to the mantle of the Constitution party.

Dr. Terry Lee, or Lora Hubbel?  It kind of makes it an easy decision, doesn’t it?