Lora Hubbel thinks the DOH is going to repossess your car, and possibly eat your babies.

Lora Hubbel is mass spamming e-mail boxes this morning, using a list that many think she appropriated from the Minnehaha County Republicans.

I may have been musing about the “eat your babies” part in the post title, but her new rant today regards House Bill 1058, which seems to be a simple bill to clean up language, and make it applicable to diseases that aren’t specifically codified into law, so they wouldn’t have to have a special session if someone brought Ebola to the state.

Predictably, Lora takes that premise and says that if you have a fungus, she thinks THE STATE could seize your vehicle and luggage:

My take on HB 1058 (see link…you may want to print it out and follow along) http://legis.sd.gov/Legislative_Session/Bills/Bill.aspx?File=HB1058P.htm&Session=2015&cookieCheck=true has been written by the Executive branch (that in and of itself is a violation of our SD Constitution…even though we have allowed this for a long time). HB 1058 takes our current state law on managing Tuberculosis (SDCL 34-22) and guts it…replacing all the intensive state laws that used to be reserved for TB (SDCL 34-22-7), a single bacterium, and now applies state control over “contagious/communicable” diseases (both terms mean the same medically) This bill’s definition of contagious/communicable is very broad and could be construed to include the common cold and thousands of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, toxins, etc.

I find it interesting that right after President Obama makes an Executive Order to further implement ObamaCare making respiratory diseases subject to government control, isolation and quarantine…* The SD Dept of Health does even worse in this HB 1058.

Obviously if the state wanted to keep us safe from Ebola (as they are lobbying) they can just refer to Category I reportable diseases (Ebola’s generic name is Viral Hemorrhagic Fever…see http://doh.sd.gov/documents/diseases/infectious/RptDiseaseList.pdf )

What could happen if you have a contagious/communicable head cold? South Dakota wants to be able to:

1) Seize your vehicle and luggage, etc. They use the word “conveyance” which means “vehicle” when used as a noun, or “to transport” when used as a verb (Section 2).

2) Slap a Class II misdemeanor on you if you possibly have a cold and expose yourself to others in a public place (Section 4).

3) Control sick people by monitoring, quarantine and isolation (Section 7-5)

4) Demand that you be supervised to take the prescribed medical treatment and procedures for prevention (vaccines?) (Section 7-8)

5) Surrender to prescribed screening for state testing of communicable diseases (Section 8)

6) AND the personnel gathering your blood and administering treatments/vaccines do NOT need to be licensed (Section 9)

7) The STATE has authority to consult with doctors and others in diagnosing your cold or suspected cold (contagious disease)

8) The STATE wants the authority to enforce eradication of communicable diseases (they seriously wrote this!) which is a “cold” by this definition… through isolation, prevention (vaccine?) and treatment. (Section 12)

9) All confirmed cases of communicable diseases shall be under the surveillance of the department, which will diagnosis, control, and declare treatment of communicable diseases. (Section 14)

10) All category I reportable diseases (this is the first place the new bill mentions category I diseases and Ebola is already on this list under its generic name “Viral Hemorrhagic Fever” see link above) And a person suspected of having a communicable disease (possibly a cold) proclaimed by the department SHALL ACCEPT DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OR IS GUILTY OF A CLASS 1 MISDEMEANOR. (Section 15)

11) You may hire your own doctor BUT ALL SUSPECTED AND CONFIRMED COMMUNICABLE DISEASE shall be under surveillance of the department (section 16)

Jeez. My head hurts from all the crazy.

Ugh, I didn’t think it started this early..

My High School aged daughter was telling me about her day yesterday, and brought up the fact that in her government class her teacher was spouting off about how the kids shouldn’t watch “biased” news programs and singled out Fox News in particular.

No mention of MSNBC, or the dozens of liberal news outlets who bring a lefty spin, but apparently Fox is bad.

I’m surprised I made it through 3 kids without one of them getting stuck with a teacher who tries to ram that kind of naked bias down their throats.

Sooo…… Am I the only one who thought the John Kerry/James Taylor diplomacy towards France was the oddest thing I’ve ever seen?

I hadn’t gotten to it because of being down with the flu last week.

But, am I the only one who thought the John Kerry/James Taylor diplomacy towards France was one of the weirdest things they’d ever seen?

First, the Administration screws up what should have been a staggeringly easy show of solidarity with our NATO partner. And then they followed it up with this weirdness?

What are your thoughts?

Release: 2015-2016 Officers Announced for Pennington Co. GOP.

From a release:

2015-2016 Officers Announced for Pennington Co. GOP.

penn_coOn Wednesday, January 7, 2015, the Pennington County Republicans disclosed the results of their biennial officer election. The new officers (all residents of Pennington County) are as follows:

Ben Treadwell – Chair
Patricia Johnson – Vice Chair
Heather Gosch – Secretary/Treasurer
Sandy Marlette – State Committeewoman
Jeff Marlette – State Committeeman

The Republican party’s by-laws dictate that only members of the county’s GOP Central Committee may vote for county officers. The five above were unanimously elected for the 2015 – 2016 term. Despite adverse weather, turnout for this election was greater than any internal election in the party’s recent memory, with more than eighty persons in attendance.