Corinna Robinson raised less than 5K from 10/16 on; Ends campaign with over 13k in debt.

You know it’s a bad sign when a congressional candidate can’t afford to go on TV. And the post-general election FEC report tells the tale well.

From October 16th through November 24th – the last 2 weeks or so of the election, plus a post election period, Robinson raised $3765, and spent $6101, leaving her with a debt of $13,372 after the end of the congressional campaign. $12,000 of the debt is owed to herself, with the remainder to her accounting firm.

Robinson Post General

At the end of the election, Robinson made statements that alluded to thoughts of running again in 2016, but as the days stretch into weeks, that noise has quieted. With her minor campaign debt, as well as her inability to capture the interest of the electorate, it remains to be seen whether we hear any more of that kind of chatter.

Corinna Robinson deciding on whether to stay, or to flee the state to carpetbag another day

As Democrats come out with their mea culpas, Corinna Robinson has penned one of the odder ones, in which she blames others for her campaigns lack of campaigning, and talks about making up her mind to either stay in South Dakota, or to carpetbag somewhere else:

In just barely a year, I maneuvered cross-country, purchased a home in Rapid City, and tried to maintain a solid team that was primarily focused on unseating Noem versus filling their personal coiffeurs or priming their resume. There were very few that could endure constant, cross-country travel and working seven days a week for more than a couple months.


I’m personally past the gripe about partisan politics and simply expect South Dakotans to “step up to the plate” and vote those not worthy out of office. I’ve served to defend countries (placing my life at risk) where governance does not exist, and corruption prevails, and to know we have folks at home who are “fed up” with voting is shameful.


Let’s not overlook that I was able to pull 1/3 of the votes against Noem with (again) barely a year on the ground and having visited over 200 towns or cities. I believe that was better stats than Rick and Susan whereas they both had better name recognition.

I’m in contact with key folks across our great state and sincerely hope to stay the course as they’ve graciously asked. Otherwise, I may choose to depart and gain a more secure, political foothold elsewhere. As almost my entire family resides in South Dakota, they know I love them dearly, and I will always look out for their best interest regardless of where I serve.

Read it here.

“There were very few that could endure constant, cross-country travel and working seven days a week for more than a couple months.”    So, she blames staff for not keeping up with her.  Which seems to be a management or at the least, a hiring issue.

She “expect(s) South Dakotans to “step up to the plate” and vote those not worthy out of office.”  Which if you look at the results, and her getting her tail kicked on a 2 to 1 basis, I’d say that the one that South Dakotans thought was worthy was actually elected, and the unworthy one was not.

And most striking of all, she’s telling South Dakotans up front that she “may choose to depart and gain a more secure, political foothold elsewhere.

Wow.  Was this race about ego, or serving South Dakota?  Because with comments like this, it seems like it was more about ego than anything.

At this point, I’d just thank her for the talking points for next election. They’ll come in handy.

Regardless of which state Corinna Robinson chooses to run.

Kristi Noem is counting on you to vote!

knoem Polls are open and it’s time for us to cast our ballots.

I’m asking for your support today and hope you’ll vote to give me the opportunity to continue serving South Dakota in Congress.

The outpouring of support our campaign has received across the state has been inspiring. I’ve enjoyed working with families, farmers, and job creators, to champion our shared values and to build a brighter future for South Dakota. We’ve made exceptional progress, but there is still work to be done.

With your support today, we can continue to make South Dakota even better.

I hope I can count on your vote!



P.S. Not sure where to vote? Find your polling location now.

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And Another Race is DONE. Noem holds commanding lead over what’s-her-face.

From KELOland:

Congresswoman Kristi Noem has a sizeable lead over Democratic challenger Corinna Robinson in the race for South Dakota’s lone U.S. House seat.

The Republican incumbent has the support of 56 percent of those surveyed last week during a KELO-TV Argus Leader poll. Robinson’s support stands at 35 percent of those surveyed. Nine percent of voters are still undecided.

Read it here.

NPN/NBP Polling: Daugaard, Noem Remain Comfortably Ahead; IM18 Approval Still Leads

NPN/NBP Polling: Daugaard, Noem Remain Comfortably Ahead; IM18 Approval Still Leads

By Todd Epp, Northern Plains News and Paul Nielson, Nielson Brothers Polling

SIOUX FALLS – Incumbents Gov. Dennis Daugaard and U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem are maintaining health leads over their opponents, according to a new Northern Plains News/Nielson Brothers Polling tracking poll released today (Monday).

Also, Initiated Measure 18, an increase in the state minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $8.50 with a yearly cost of living increase is maintaining its earlier lead but support has slipped a few points.

This past election cycle, NBP has been tracking public opinion of likely voters across South Dakota since Nov. 17, 2013 and will do so into November of this year. The full tracking numbers will be released soon. The numbers show little movement in the statewide races for South Dakota Governor and US Representative. Republicans continue to lead in all statewide races polled.

Among Democrats, Corinna Robinson is receiving most support. Support for Initiated Measure 18, which raises the minimum wage, continues to hover just over 50 percent. However, opposition to IM18 has gradually risen, now reaching 37 percent, with 13 percent undecided.

Somewhat surprising, President Barack Obama’s job approval rating numbers improved slightly since the previous polls conducted in July and September, as Democratic support in particular rises in this October survey. Those thinking the state is headed in the “right direction” also dropped a few points.

NPN and NBP plan to release polling results on the U.S. Senate race, the Constitutional Amendment Q, and Initiated Measure 17 on doctor choice later this week.

NBP is using a tracking poll for its methodology on these sets of numbers. NBP polls a different set of respondents each day and those results are averaged on a rolling four day basis.

Some terminology: “n” means the number of people polled; “moe” means the poll’s margin of error.

The results of the NPN/NBP tracking poll to date.

South Dakota Governor

For South Dakota Governor would you vote for Republican Dennis Daugaard, Democrat Susan Wismer, or Independent Mike Myers?

n=673          n=607          n=572

moe=3.78*         moe=3.98         moe=4.07

10/23-26**   9/21-25     7/23-28

Daugaard (R):         62.3***       53.4         52.9
Wismer (D):            26.0               27.5         28.5
Myers (I):            5.9             10.3         6.8
Undecided:         5.8            8.8            11.8

US House

For US House would you vote for Democrat Corinna Robinson, or Republican Kristi Noem?

n=676          n=615          n=574

moe=3.77         moe=3.95         moe=4.05

10/23-26   9/21-25     7/23-28

Kristi Noem (R):   56.2         54.6         54
Corinna Robinson (D): 34.7      36.6 36
Undecided:         9.1            8.8            10

US Senate

……………………  Later Release

South Dakota Treasurer

For South Dakota Treasurer would you vote for Republican Rich Sattgast Libertarian Ken Santema or for Democrat Denny Pierson?




Rich Sattgast (R):   45.7
Denny Pierson (D):         27.9
Ken Santema (L):   7.0
Undecided           19.5

Generic State Senate Race

n=653          n=605          n=528

moe=3.83         moe=3.98         moe=4.26

10/23-26   9/21-25     7/23-28

Republican         49.7         48.6         41.9
Democratic         33.5         32.1         36.7
Undecided           16.3         19.3         21.4
Will not vote           0.5            –                –

Initiated Measure 17

Later release.

Initiated Measure 18

Initiated Measure 18 makes three changes to the minimum wage:

First, it raises the minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.50 per hour. Second, it raises the tip wage from $2.13 to 4.25 per hour. Third, the minimum wage and tip wage would rise with the cost of living. If you voted today would you vote for or against this initiative?

n=612          n=             n=

moe=3.96    moe=           moe=

10/23-26   9/21-25     7/23-28

Vote for               50.3              53.3         52

Vote against            36.5         31.9         28

Unsure                 13.2              14.9         20

South Dakota Direction

Is South Dakota headed in the right or wrong direction?

n=728          n=690          n=615

moe=3.63         moe=3.73         moe=3.92

10/23-26         9/21-25         7/23-28
Right direction         45.6         46.7         49.8
Wrong direction         31.5         29.1         28.1
Undecided           22.9         24.2         22.1

President Barack Obama Job Approval

How do you rate the job done by President Barack Obama?

n=728          n=690          n=615

moe=3.63         moe=3.73         moe=3.95

10/23-26         9/21-25         7/23-28

Strongly approve         21.1         17.2         18.9
Somewhat approve         20.5         16.7         17.8
Somewhat disappr.         8.9            14.9         13.6
Strongly disapprove         49.5         51.2         49.7

*In percentages.

**Results based on the most recent four day weighted results of South Dakota likely voters, from the NBP tracking survey that begin Oct. 17, 2014.

***In percentages.

Here’s the Corinnna Robinson campaign’s supporter.

Minnehaha County Republicans were out in force at KELO to cheer on our current and future Congresswoman Kristi Noem as she appeared in a debate against her challenger Corinna Robinson.  In fact, they went and got a permit for the rally, and everything.

But what’s this? Minnehaha County Commissioner Jeff Barf with a Robinson sign?

Apparently, Neither Barf or the Robinson campaign could get organized or willing enough to find anyone in the weeks leading up to the campaign to go fill out a form.

So, Barf took it upon himself to stand close to the Republicans, because they had a permit, as opposed to getting off his lazy butt to get one of his own.

(With such initiative, no wonder he got creamed in the Congressional primary 2 years ago.)