CFPB Head accused of steering advertising contracts to Democrats

Here’s an interesting story on how Consumer Finance Protection Board head Richard Cordray might have been steering contracts to political allies:

After already facing serious questions over potential Hatch Act violations amid speculation that he may run for Ohio Governor in 2018, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Richard Cordray is now finding himself at the center of a new potential pay-to-play scandal involving government contracts and Democrat campaign insiders. A bombshell report by the Daily Caller reveals that GMMB, a top Democrat campaign ad firm, received nearly $60 million in federal contracts, the “overwhelming majority” of which went to the CFPB under Cordray. The most recent contract the CFPB gave the firm came just this past June when they awarded GMMB “the largest single government contract” it has ever received. Cordray chose GMMB despite having “multiple potential choices” that were “pre-approved for federal contracts.”

Read all about it here.

6 Replies to “CFPB Head accused of steering advertising contracts to Democrats”

  1. KM

    Reliable source, the Daily Caller does thorough investigative work. Learned about the depths of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz fiasco at the DC.

    Agreed, the CFPB is another govt program that does nothing to help the American people. Corruption, scandals and lies…no, not at a government agency;)

  2. mhs

    Why wouldn’t he do it? He runs the only utterly unaccountable agency ever created in America. Even the cold war CIA didn’t have the congressionally-mandated freedom to do whatever the Hell it wanted the way CFPB does.


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