Charged, Tried and Convicted.

Dan Willard has been charged, tried, and convicted of four counts of “Failure to identify the name and address of the maker of a communication within 60 days of an election.” Class 1 misdemeanors

The sentence – $250 for each count plus $84 in court costs plus the reimburse the state for the expense of prosecuting the case.

He also gets 30 days in jail for each count, suspended. The conditions to stay out of the poky are:

1.remain a law-abiding resident for 364 days
2.not anonymously put forward any political positions or opinions.

Whoa! If I understand this correctly, Dan Willard can not post anonymous comments on political blogs. My guess, that includes using some of the more colorful monikers.

But we also have a selection of other colorful user names coming from the same IP address noted in court today as having been held by Willard for a time; Anonymous, Show yourself Coward, The South Dakota Republican Party is Disgraceful, To hell with Tim Rave, Lee Schoenback is a Nazi, Blue Falcon (a.k.a Troy Jones), No Charlie Hoffman, Guns after Gosch, South Dakota YR’s, and finally, NO NOEM.”


There is a a huge US Senate election coming up, and the blogs becoming more and more active. I wonder if Mr. Willard can restrain himself for a whole year, or should he just serve the 120 days and get it over with?

Can these conditions be enforced? Are they worth enforcing ?

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    1. SDJammer

      I expect to see tee shirts with that on. The Republican establishment may have just poked a sleeping conservative giant. Who knows, but this just might be what was needed to get conservatives fired up.

      1. parafrog

        geeze not Dan Willard. I guess all humans have a cetain value. In Dan’s case value is to serve as a bad example of the human condition.

  1. anon

    How can you get fired up about a looser? As far as I’m concerned Williard has disgraced himself and I separate him from the conservative principles I hold dear. The jury is still out on Stace, but time will tell. I remain hopeful he will be fully cleared of all this.

    1. SDJammer

      There are two sides to every coin. In this particular case there is the action (what Daniel Willard did) and the reaction (how the Republican establishment responded). All you want to do is focus on is the action. And while there is certainly a story there, the real big story is the other side of the coin.

      Until people like you are willing to look at the OTHER side of the coin and see it for what it was, there is going to be push back from conservatives. It is quite clear that the Republican Party is at war with conservatives and they use every resource within their control to demonize conservatives. I guess it just pleases you?

      As for Daniel Willard’s actions; while it might be difficult for people to support HOW he did it, I do think there is a lot of support for providing transparency on the voting records of elected legislators. And since your side has a lot to hide, I can understand why you are fighting so hard to keep these voting records quiet. It is kind of like Obama’s college transcripts. Have you noticed how many things you and Obama have in common lately?

      1. Howdy

        So what you’re saying is Republicans, who in this case apparently aren’t conservatives (well get to that in a bit), should just not mind the rules and laws of the election process? If that’s the case we would be completely degrading one of the foundations of this country. And one that so many of our forefathers have lost their lives securing and protecting.

        You then go on to say the Republicans will do anything in their power to criticize, or “demonize” as you put it, conservatives. What? This must be an extremely intrinsic view of conservatism. As hard as it may be to swallow for you, Republicans are, always have been, and always will the conservative party in SD. Not just the super-ultra right wingers.

        And lastly, also my personal favorite, you so hypocritically talk about transparency. Do you even know what this case was about? It was the transparency election laws that Willard broke in the first place. I’ve attached a link to what’s called the Legislative Research Council. Here you can look at how every single legislature voted on previous bills. I know, it’s crazy.

        1. Anony-mouse

          We already know that Chicago Daugaard doesn’t care about the law and suffers from a Disease of Hypocrisy of monumental proportions.

        2. SDJammer

          Howdy, I never said that what they did was OK and I never said it should have been ignored. However, the response or reaction could have been handled much differently as it was apparent that it was an all out political witch hunt for conservatives that disagreed with the establishment. In any event, it was obvious that power is intoxicating and those in power will use it against their political foes.

          I know that you have repeatedly told us dimwit conservatives that we should have learned our lesson from Obama and his IRS staff. But that is OK, you showed us dimwits how powerful you and Obama really are when it comes to political foes.

          Since you seem to be so knowledgeable, could you please tell us what percent of voters actually review these legislative reports and know how the elected Republicans actually voted. I am betting it is noticeably south of 5% and that is why democrats can get away with hiding out in the Republican Party. But I know that is something that is not supposed to be talked about and you will punish those that do.

          1. No! I'm Dan Willard!

            This was a Chicago use the system to go after your political opponents, ORDERED investigation ,by Chicago Lawyer Dennis Daugaard. Who violated the same statute REPEATEDLY! We have serious problems of a corrupt political machine in SD.

          2. Howdy

            ” I never said that what they did was OK and I never said it should have been ignored. However, the response or reaction could have been handled much differently,” Please explain? I could be reading this wrong, as it’s impossible to put true emotion behind black and white, but this statement seems somewhat contradictory. How else should the court/legal system go about prosecuting those that break the law?

            And the fact of the matter is, each and every voting record is open to the public for their viewing. If they feel strongly enough about a topic or bill, they can go view it and make a decision on their own. Heaven forbid they did it by themselves and not using a blatantly biased, one-sided “card.”

      1. 44

        What ever number that is Dan should go public with it and tell the public how much money the state was willing to spend to go after a misdemeanor.

        1. Anooner

          It will be a big number for sure, and not even accurately reflect the full and true costs when you consider court resources expended and the salaried employees for the state that put huge hours in on this.

          1. Anony-mouse

            Dennis Daugaard should pay Willard’s court costs for repeatedly violating the same repealed statute and then having his lackeys lie about it. It’s the least that Chicago Lawyer should do as recompense for the mistreatment of Conservatives under his watch.

            1. Anonymous

              I am Dan Willard.. maybe a Writ of Mandamus needs to be brought forth requiring Jackley to prosecute Daugaard for the numerous violations of campaign finance laws? I hear several of the current legislators Daugaard screwed over and lied to would sign off on such a law suit..


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