Charlie Hoffman is in the house. At least, he’s running for it.

As promised earlier, former State Representative Charlie Hoffman has turned in his petitions to run as a Republican in the District 23 House race, where Justin Cronin is termed out.

Who else is running? So far….

Race Name Party Petition Filing Date District
State Senator Ernie Otten REP 1/6/2016 0:00 District 06
State Senator Deb Soholt REP 1/26/2016 0:00 District 14
State Senator Jim Bolin REP 1/12/2016 0:00 District 16
State Senator Joshua Klumb REP 1/19/2016 0:00 District 20
State Senator Jim White REP 1/25/2016 0:00 District 22
State Senator Ryan M. Maher REP 1/26/2016 0:00 District 28
State Senator Bob Ewing REP 1/5/2016 0:00 District 31
State Representative Tom Holmes REP 1/26/2016 0:00 District 14
State Representative Mike Stevens REP 1/25/2016 0:00 District 18
State Representative Tona Rozum REP 1/12/2016 0:00 District 20
State Representative Charles B. Hoffman REP 1/27/2016 0:00 District 23
State Representative Oren Lesmeister DEM 1/6/2016 0:00 District 28A
State Representative Sam Marty REP 1/25/2016 0:00 District 28B
State Representative Travis Lasseter REP 1/19/2016 0:00 District 30
State Representative Charles M. Turbiville REP 1/13/2016 0:00 District 31
State Representative Dan Dryden REP 1/21/2016 0:00 District 34


5 Replies to “Charlie Hoffman is in the house. At least, he’s running for it.”

  1. Anonymous

    I’d be willing to wager and rarely do I wager that District 23 is probably one of THE most fiscally conservative districts in the state! Horse trading is a sport there! Show them cost and they will start at offer you 1/2! Most likely there are plenty of Mayonnaise Jars filled with coins buried in back yards up there. Yummy Kuchen and they have a Schmeckfest 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Hoffmann will be a great servant leader.

    He will also be an improvement over Brown. Brown has thrown away much of his potential these past few years by being heavy handed with those who disagree with him. It is sad to see someone with so much potential change for the worst. Policy making should be about doing what’s right not vendetta based.

    Cronin should be a great senator.

  3. anon1

    That district has sent some great people to Pierre. Charlie back in the legislature will be a breath of fresh air, and Brown is one of the best ever.

    Good luck to both of them, and hopefully Sen. Cronin, as well.


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