Charlie Hoffman letter to the editor – Noem understands farm bill. Varilek, not so much.

State Representative Charlie Hoffman is in the Pierre Capitol Journal today, with a lot of nice things to say about Congresswoman Kristi Noem:

The House version of the Farm Bill certainly has a strong safety net, but Rep. Noem went a step further in fighting for South Dakota by making sure that an extension of the livestock disaster programs were included in the bill. With so much of South Dakota suffering from drought conditions, these disaster programs are more critical than ever.In today?s hyper-partisan political environment, it?s no surprise that the Farm Bill will be a heavy lift. Almost immediately after the Agriculture Committee passed the Farm Bill with a strong bipartisan vote of 35-11, Rep. Noem got to work trying to get it to the House floor.

There are Democrats who are trying to stop the Farm Bill because they think it cuts too much from food stamps while there are a few Republicans who don?t think the bill cuts enough. This is where Rep. Noem stepped up again by leading a bipartisan charge to move the Farm Bill forward.


It?s unfortunate that Democratic Congressional candidate Matt Varilek wrote in the Pierre Capital Journal on July 19 that he opposes the House Farm Bill as written. Unlike Mr. Varilek, Rep. Noem clearly understands how the House Farm Bill will help South Dakota producers and is aggressively pushing for it. The kind of commitment and passion Rep. Noem is showing in Washington should set a new bar for every elected official to meet.

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4 Replies to “Charlie Hoffman letter to the editor – Noem understands farm bill. Varilek, not so much.”

  1. Anonymous

    Pat why do you even support Noem she is for the farm bill a subsidy do you get it.She is not fiscal, the right thing is to end the farm program.If you cant make it farming do something ekse .No one helps me so how can you support her.

  2. Charlie Hoffman

    Thanks for putting this up Pat. Kristi Noem is and will continue working very hard for ALL South Dakotan’s including those who call themselves Liberal Democrats. Leadership is doing the right thing when those around you would rather not.


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