Chris Daugaard in the news for saving a man's life.

Usually when relatives of public officials make the news, it’s because the media has ginned up some story of their foibles. In this case, it’s the exact opposite.

Governor Daugaard’s son Chris, is an analyst at the Public Utilities Commission. Today, he also saved a life:

The incident happened over the lunch hour on Friday, La Minestra manager Mark Mancuso said ? a day when Gov. Dennis Daugaard and his family happened to be dining at the restaurant. Then there was a commotion.

?It was one of those deals where a customer came running up to the counter and said, ?Call 911, someone?s choking,?? Mancuso said.

Mancuso?s son dialed 911 while Mancuso rushed to the dining room to find Chris Daugaard had already sized up what needed to be done.

?By the time I ran out there into the dining room, Chris had done the Heimlich maneuver and cleared his throat,? Mancuso said. ?He should be recognized for that. It was an awesome deal. He took charge of the situation.?

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  1. Charlie Hoffman

    Awesome Chris!! Exactly the kind of person I saw giving the Student Senate graduation speech at SDSU a few years ago. Rock the Mullet!!


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