Chris Nelson new PUC Chairman

 Bob Mercer reports:

Chris Nelson was selected yesterday as the new chairman for the state Public Utilities Commission, succeeding Gary Hanson. The PUC?s third member, Kristie Fiegen, is the new vice chairman, succeeding Nelson. Hanson nominated Nelson.

17 Replies to “Chris Nelson new PUC Chairman”

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve come around to the idea of Nelson on the PUC. I’ll support him. Not sold on Fiegen though. She is extermely vulnerable for the Dems and a convention challenger.

  2. anooner

    Was this the most interesting thing that happened in Pierre this week? Why nothing on the comittee hearing on the LRC flap? Has this become a non-story at “SD’s No. 1 Political Website” because it doesn’t, hasn’t reflected well upon the GOP. Don’t see the harm in reporting on the hearing as it appears that there was no wrongdoing by leadership, and the crazies are just paranoid. So who is the editor on this thing deciding if you ignore something, it is like it didn’t happen. Here’s a new slogan for you: Dakota War College – South Dakota’s No. 1 Political Blog Half the Time. Makes me glad PP never got those press credentials he was crying about a few years back.

    1. Anonymous

      Ditto that. Time to call for Howie and Ellis and groupies to acknowledge they were very wrong, unnecessarily devisive, hurtful and premature in stating this is anything remotely resembling Chicago style corruption. Stacey Nelson was wrong on every count of his accusations of criminality and charges of ethical breaches and should admit it. It should be a bold war college headline that GOP leaders were cleared of all wrongdoing to the embarrassment and shame of a few rogue and paranoid discontents in the legislature.

      1. Anonymous

        I am so sick of the GOP legislators NON CONTROVERSY. They are a bunch of babies who need to grow up. I don’t want to discuss it anymore.

      2. Actually...

        What idiot thinks the Tuesday joke was an effort to get to the truth?

        A verbal opinion by the AG? No one sworn in under oath?

  3. caheidelberger

    Notice you don’t even get commentary from DWC on the C. Nelson appointment, let alone the S. Nelson smackdown Tuesday. Come on, “Bill Clay”: ditch the decaf!

    1. grudznick

      Mr. Clay needs to provide “take” like PP used to do. PP didn’t just ignore important things and then toss a headline from some goofy newspaper article that everybody can read out there without providing take.

      Mr. Clay, give us some take.

      1. name

        The SDWC drilled Nelson when they put out the website. Who cares about the loud mouth crazies anyway.

  4. Duh

    Yawn. The governmental teet squirts again. I wonder if Nelson knows how to actually get a private sector job. Public service schmervice. Pierre has been turning into a rerun like local bands who can’t seem to move elsewhere and constantly show up. I can see all the powers at be at the Longbranch “Hey Ted, I’ll resign this job, Judy you resign yours, then I’ll go into Fred’s, and Mary takes Bob’s… and Barney can resign then sign up again so he can get his pension AND salary. Saaweeet.” UGH.

    1. Anonymous

      Geez Duh, you’re still on this government teat, not ‘teet’, thing about Nelson. It’s been stated to you before that Nelson does have a farm that he still works on. Maybe you think farming is not a job. Hey everybody, did you know that Duh doesn’t thing farmers work.

      Nelson is one capable individual who enjoys working to make things better for all of us.

        1. Anonymous

          What is worse Noem getting 3 million in farm subsidies or Nelson getting a salary to serve the state?

          Thank you very much. Nelson would have been a better congressman too.

  5. springer

    I don’t have a problem with appointing people to jobs in Pierre, WHEN they are qualified for the job. I have a huge problem with appointing people to fill director-ships when they have no credentials for the job, don’t care to learn the job, but they happen to know someone or be friends of someone’s kids etc. And this DOES happen, to the detriment of the people of South Dakota. Would love to see the legislature address this issue – yeah, right.

  6. Duh

    Anon. I have tremendous respect for farmers. They have one of the hardest jobs there is. That’s not the point.

    Anon #2 – Get your facts straight. Noem never personally got $3 million in farm subsidies. It is legal and you’re an idiot farmer if you don’t take advantage of this program. Not saying that I agree with it, but you’d be a terrible business person if you didn’t. I don’t suppose that you claimed any deductions on your taxes, fudge a little on your expenses? Hypocrite.

    1. Anonymous

      First off farmers aren’t driving around in small tractors like their grandfathers. They sit in air conditioned cabs all day collecting government money. The people I think work hard are the ranchers who raise cattle or animals and do chores in the elements.

      Farming is a lazy man’s job these days.