Christmas time is here: The Noem Family Christmas Card

As South Dakota seems to be given a snow day across much of the state today, it’s an appropriate time to start posting this years’ batch of Christmas Cards. And the first one is from Congresswoman Kristi Noem.

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8 Replies to “Christmas time is here: The Noem Family Christmas Card”

  1. anon.

    We’ll all soon have holes in our jeans as we struggle to pay for another 500 billion dollar deficit. Being a lifelong Republican I never bought into class warfare until I read what was in the new budget bill……60 billion in new tax cuts that will be used predominately by the top 1%. Thanks a bunch Kristi, I too will have holes in my jeans, but also out turned pockets. Sure would be nice if someone looked out for the middle class.

  2. Bill Fleming

    Man the kids are really growin’ up. Good looking crew. I wonder if Booker’s got his share of the national debt paid down yet. 😉


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