Chuck Haan, who sued the SOS to get on the ballot last election, trying again.

Charles “Chuck” Haan is climbing up on that old horse to give it another try.

This past election, he had tried to sue to get on the ballot after being nominated by the Constitution Party. Not by filing petitions or anything mind you, he just did it on their say so.   And he just didn’t fare very well.

He also tried to sue Kristi Noem in 2013. And did about as well as he did getting on the ballot. In other words, he got his silly butt kicked all over the courtroom.

Fast forward to 2016, he has petitions to run as an independent candidate in the District 5 House race. And they’re actually filed in a proper manner.   Wonders may never cease.  But that doesn’t mean his candidacy is going anywhere.

Stay tuned.