13 Replies to “Circuit court finalizes injunction against initiated measure 22”

  1. Marty better bring an Ethics commission bill

    So wait I’m confused was Marty for this or against this? Will AG Jackley feel compelled to bring a bill this year for an Ethics Commission that he recently felt so strongly about?

    1. Anonymous

      There is a lot of concern among supporters that Jackley needs to make a change in campaign staff. Any time Marsy’s law costs money it will hurt him.

      Good decision by Jackley to come out in favor of an ethics commission. He has a shot at winning.

  2. marty's not a man of principle he's a man of what's popular

    AG Jackley you better check the political winds because I’m pretty sure they’re blowing in your face.

  3. Jackley the Joker

    AG jackley might have been a little premature in support of and ethics Commission It’ll be fun to watch how he backtracked on this one.

  4. make your own decisions AG

    That’s the problem with AG Jackley He’s surrounded himself with people that are giving him bad advice and he’s taking it He’s willing to support anything that he thinks is popular Without actually thinking whether or not It’s what the voters want.

  5. what is a dunce

    I’m Matt Michels guy but if Marty doesn’t bring and ethics commission bill this year I’m pretty sure he’s done

  6. he's getting bad advice or he's that dumb

    Why would Marty make such a brash decision on whether or not to support it It’s just Not something a wise politician would do

  7. Anonymous

    There are 105 legislators who can bring the bill. Doesn’t have to be Jackley. Gov. Daugaard could have one brought forward, or any of the dozen or so Dems. Evidently we have a bunch of Jackley bashers here.

  8. Anonymous

    Jackley is doing the right thing on the ethics commission. Yes he has poor people around him and yes Glodt should be distanced from. That idea is actually a good one because it’s the first time he’s shown guts in his time as AG to go against the GOP, Rounds, Daugaard and Noem. Whether he got that advice from himself internally or someone else it was good advice.

    Screw party politics and loyalties to any establishment leaders. If he wants to be governor he has to be stronger that he has been the past 7 years.

    Noem is the only person who would try to sell her career in DC as an outsiders run for Governor. My gosh she has been a DC person for almost 8 years. Now suddenly she wants to be a political outsider to serve in Pierre? How does that work?


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