Clinton on taxes

The most talented fence-sitter I’ve ever seen, former President Clinton made another splash in the media by discussing taxes with David Letterman. The two men talked about the protests on Wall Street and how to handle the issue of raising taxes. Clinton has a talent for hitting a popular tone and could be a serious thorn in the side of President Obama through the next election. Legacy is very important in politics, and I can’t imagine why Clinton wouldn’t get just a little bit of satisfaction knowing he is still the only Democratic president to be elected to two terms since FDR.

Politico reports:

?Should you raise taxes on anybody right today ? rich or poor or middle class?  No, because there?s no growth in the economy,? Clinton said on the ?Late Show.? ?Should those of us who make more money and are  in better position to contribute to America?s public needs and getting this  deficit under control pay a higher tax rate when the economy recovers? Yes,  that?s what I think.?

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