Congratulations, Senator Thune on being named NFIB Guardian of Small Business.

8 Replies to “Congratulations, Senator Thune on being named NFIB Guardian of Small Business.”

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks WU; always good for a pointless comment. If you’d get an education and have some drive maybe you could make more than minimum wage and move out of your mother’s basement.

  1. Anonymous

    Photo op…funny you keep calling him that while the Democrat can’t get any publicity to save his life…no photo ops for him I guess!

  2. Troy Jones

    What’s up or whatever name you are going with now,

    You do realize your constant attempt to belittle is counter-productive. People who have photo “OPPORTUNITIES” are people who are actually doing something.

    Not long ago, I was at a public event where Sen. Thune was also there trying to enjoy the evening with friends. I watched from a distance how all evening people were coming up, interrupting what was obviously a social occasion, watched him graciously talk with them, and in almost all cases, they asked for a photograph. Which based on what they did after, I think all those photos were posted to a social network or sent to friends/family.

    Sen. Thune has photo ops because he is working hard.