Congressman Dusty Johnson already has note off to raise money from Taffy challenge

Within hours of her submitting the paperwork to the FEC, it looks like Dusty is already pulling Taffy.

Well, pulling the Taffy card as a reason to send out a fundraising e-mail to his supporters in anticipation of an attack strategy that will be coming against him:

“Not all officeholders and candidates focus on getting things done.  A recent TV story about my opponent noted she has a reputation for being on the attack, as opposed to delivering results.  She’s “drawn the ire” of Governor Kristi Noem and has been a “vocal opponent” of our state’s policies.”

Looks like Dusty isn’t going to be shy about pointing out his opponent’s record.

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18 thoughts on “Congressman Dusty Johnson already has note off to raise money from Taffy challenge”

  1. Taffy Howard is a responsible Conservative who listens to those she represents. She is fiscally conservative. She is also former military and loves the United States, South Dakota and those she serves. She stands by her convictions.

    Yes, she is the opposite of Dusty Johnson Howdy Doody) , who blows with the wind, lies to those he supposedly serves and seems to follow the Democrat platform instead of the Republican Platform, just like the two RINO Senators from South Dakota.

  2. I have an Aunt Lorraine who is in a nursing home unaware of her surroundings. Just like the commenter above.Because if Lorraine had a clue she would see that Taffy spends her days in the legislative session passing nothing but wind.

  3. Ms. Lorraine, you should take your name-calling over to Mr. H’s blogging spot. Most fellows there are out-of-state name-callers who can’t vote for Mr. Johnson, but they will all like your approach and tell you Ms. Howard is pretty. They won’t tell you the reason she gets nothing done in the legislatures.

  4. For some time I’ve stopped paying much attention to what party a candidate belongs to. Too often democrats are more conservative than some republicans and some republicans can be more liberal than even some of the most liberal democrats. I try to look at the person and determine who is best for the job at hand, who best understands the Constitution and the proper role of the federal and state government.

    I know and like both candidates fairly well. Both of them have their strong points and drawbacks.

    Representative Johnson is a doer, in that he gets stuff done. He knows how to work the system, Maybe not as flashy as some of his counterparts from the east or west coast. When it comes to campaigning he is a machine, and will be tough to beat.

    Representative Howard likes to shake the system. The system could use a good shaking. She understands the proper roles of the Federal, state, county and local governments. In Representative Johnson’s ad he mentions that Representative Howard has drawn the ire of Governor Noem, I don’t see how this is a bad thing. Like I said she shakes the system and that can make some people feel a bit uncomfortable.

    I am not going to endorse either candidate right now, as it is still early in the race, and others may want to throw their hat in.

    1. MC, if you’re looking to help someone maybe best keep that to yourself.

      Some of us remember why you aren’t in Pierre anymore

  5. Well, Taffy was one Republican who wanted to compel the Governor to disclose how much of my tax dollars have been spent (and are being spent) for her out-of-state travels for fundraising for her reelection campaign. I’ll give her credit for that.

  6. I don’t get why its a bad thing for someone to challenge Dusty Johnson. The conservative review gives Dusty Johnson a C (low C at 71%) while giving both Thune and Rounds an F. So looking at this stuff and WATCHING what they have or have not done our representatives have not done a very good job in DC and if the best we can send is a C student, then I think lets see if someone else, maybe Taffy, can do better. I am sick and tired of the status quo as nothing really changes,

    Its so easy to see that this blogger is always in the bag for the establishment RINOs. I have yet to see this guy back a true conservative yet but, maybe there is hope.

    1. Considering Dusty Johnson is the most popular elected official across the board in the South Dakota, and is the most effective Republican in Congress right now when it comes to ag issues, I would venture I’m in good company when I would say he deserves another term.

      Whereas on the other hand, while she’s a nice person, Taffy could not get any of her measures through the legislature this last session.

      And if preferring effective representatives in Washington who can actually win elections makes me “in the bag for the establishment RINOs” because I don’t care for candidates such as the two boobs challenging Thune in the US Senate race who won’t get on the ballot, I guess I might be guilty as charged.

      1. Yeah, popularity in politics is usually not fleeting, and I’m sure Representative Johnson has nothing to worry about. Interestingly 61.8% of people in SD voted for Trump.

        I think we have election integrity issues right here in SD.

        What is Johnson doing about that?

        Should have been much higher.

        1. John, if you have concerns about election integrity in South Dakota, that would be something to address with Steve Barnett, the Secretary of State.

          You know, the person IN CHARGE OF ELECTIONS.

  7. “Looks like Dusty isn’t going to be shy about pointing out his opponent’s record.”

    Oh the irony, as Taffy’s entire campaign will be about Dusty’s record.


    1. If Taffy’s entire campaign will be about Dusty’s record, then she’s in big trouble. Because he’s done a pretty good job.

  8. There is only one open question besides whether Taffy gets less than 18% of the primary vote or does Taffy get more than 30% of her legislative district?

    When Dusty is in the House majority next year, what subcommittee will he chair? Farm Commodities and Risk Management or Livestock.

    1. If/when Mr. Johnson takes the helm of something in DC, what will he do with it?

      I have concerns he will continue to be great at getting elected, but in the moment of truth, he will not stand-up (and/or fall) for the right thing.

      If it’s all about Dusty, I’m all about Taffy.

      We need war time representation RIGHT NOW.

  9. Without a critical mass of good folks in a legislature, no good things will “get done”. Getting normatively flaccid things done is not what is needed in my view. I’d like to see Ms. Howard take Johnson’s place.

    Fighting for the right thing and losing is better than fighting and winning at something that doesn’t matter. Continuing that fight as others with the same good agenda back-stop over time is how to achieve long term success in this poisoned, corrupt political environment where sexual exploitation, blackmail, and extortion are normative.

    What has Representative Johnson done for election integrity?

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