Congressman Dusty Johnson’s Weekly Column: Commitment to America

Commitment to America
By Rep. Dusty Johnson
September 23, 2022

For the past two years, big government policies in Washington, D.C. have decimated our economy, left the southern border open, and skyrocketed inflation.

Our nation has faced tough times, but there is hope, and I believe our country will soon turn the corner. Today, House Republicans launched the Commitment to America. Ahead of November and a likely Republican-led Congress, House Republicans have identified ways to reverse the damage done by the Biden Administration’s policies. Our plan focuses on issues the American people care about—our economy, safer communities, freedom, and government accountability.

The announcement today revealed four pillars House Republicans are committed to:

  • We commit to building an economy that is strong. We’ll support policies to fight inflation and lower the cost of living. We recognize the need to make America energy independent and reduce gas prices, and strengthen our supply chain, ending dependence on China.
  • We commit to making America a nation that is safe. A safe nation includes a border that is secure, combatting illegal immigration, reducing crime in our communities, and defending our national security. Supporting our troops, establishing a Select Committee on China, and exercising peace through strength with our allies will counter some of our biggest global threats.
  • We commit to ensuring a future that is built on freedom. Ensuring success for every student, achieving healthier and longer lives for our loved ones, and confronting Big Tech’s agenda that doesn’t protect our children online or our sensitive and personal data.
  • We commit to being a government that is accountable. From accountability of Members of Congress to our election process to preserving our Constitutional freedoms, Americans should be able to trust their elected officials to uphold the Constitution and make decisions that don’t abuse their power.

Our fellow citizens are concerned about paying the bills, putting food on the table, keeping their children safe, and whether they can trust their government. Our plan addresses concerns held by many from coast to coast, including our friends and families in South Dakota. I and my fellow House Republicans look forward to upholding our Commitment to America.

To learn more about the Commitment to America, you can visit the website here.


4 thoughts on “Congressman Dusty Johnson’s Weekly Column: Commitment to America”

  1. Dusty might want to backpedal that bit on government accountability. It won’t play well with Kristi supporters and his own questionable ties to Maria Butina.

  2. Good lord. Wonder if young Dusty’s feelings were hurt when MTG got a prominent seat at the rollout of this detailed plan and he did not.

  3. It is disappointing to hear the main stream media repeat the false Dem. talking point-“there are no details”. Fact is there are pages and pages of details on each item!

  4. Congressman Johnson: the election is fair, I vote to certify.

    Also Johnson: boy howdy, we really got to do something about election integrity.

    Makes perfect sense if you consider he doesnt want to upset potential voters. Sure is confusing, though.

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