Congresswoman Kristi Noem at the polar plunge for Special Olympics

11 Replies to “Congresswoman Kristi Noem at the polar plunge for Special Olympics”

  1. Anonymous

    I just don’t know if she can beat Marty. These photo ops are a big reason why I think her support is limited in a two person race.

    1. Anon

      Why does supporting Special Olympics limit her support?

      I recall Daugaard jumping out of an airplane for Miracle Treat Day.

      1. Anonymous

        Her support of Special Olympics makes me like her more. The commenter above does have a point about all of her over the top expressions for pictures.

    2. Anonymous

      I think the opposite. Marty has no presence except bad lately.

      Special Olympics photo ‘s letting someone off with largest scandal in recent history with probation

    3. Jason Glodt

      This comment is really inappropriate. Congresswoman Noem should be commended for helping such charitable causes, not criticized. On the same day Marty was helping raise money at a CASA fundraiser in Rapid City. I don’t think either candidate did it for a photo-op, but rather to help kids…something we should all do more of.

  2. SDGOPer

    If how she smiles in a photo where she is raising money for the Special Olympics is what Jackley supporters are criticizing her for, then I think Noem must be sitting pretty well.