Congresswoman Kristi Noem meets with the SDSU College Republicans tonight!

I was a College Republican. Once. Long, long ago…  And that’s a big group of future conservative leaders on the SDSU Campus!

Taking time off from running for Governor, Congresswoman Kristi Noem took the time to pop in to say hi to them this evening, and to bring them up to date on what’s happening on the campaign trail:

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  1. Anonymous

    We live in a great state where regular people can meet their elected officials (my youngest daughter’s favorite moment is meeting Senator Thune at the High School State Track Meet). That is very cool and does not happen in most states. Grassroots politics are the foundation of our democracy!

    The excitement that you see in their eyes here happens when young, middle, or old meet our Governors, Senators, Representative, and other office holders. My goodness–don’t we want young people involved in the political process?!? What better way than face-to-face?

    And, BTY, good for anyone who appreciates the value of higher education. Not every educational path is linear, and I have found that “non-traditional” students are very committed. I am impressed that the Representative took the time and effort to complete her degree. Good for her!


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