Congresswoman Kristi Noem out on opening day of Pheasant Season

Congresswoman & GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Kristi Noem was out in the fields this weekend shooting with her family & friends on the opening day of pheasant season:

Here’s Kristi and her daughter Kennedy…

Here’s the entire contingent of the Noem Family out partaking in the opener:

Here’s Booker Noem, Bryon Noem, Kristi, & Kennedy:

And here’s a picture of Kristi with Booker:

Enjoy the Hunting season!

2 Replies to “Congresswoman Kristi Noem out on opening day of Pheasant Season”

  1. The King

    She needs to ask Marty to sign a campaign pledge to kill no more pheasants, for the betterment of the bird industry in SD.


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