Congresswoman Kristi Noem talks about her candidacy for Governor

Congresswoman Kristi Noem is the last candidate to be featured in the series of articles by Bob Mercer on the 2018 candidates for office. And in the article, Congresswoman Noem talks about her background, and how she expects the campaign to play out:

Under deep debt from taxes on her father’s estate, the family started a hunting lodge. Kristi took on more duties working at a restaurant that her mother ran. Bryon opened an insurance agency where Kristi helped too.

Noem said those experiences helped form her. In 2006, she won election to the state House of Representatives, and re-election in 2008. That was significant, too, she said.

“I think it’s important for a governor to know how legislators feel and what it’s like to take votes,” she said.


How she’s organized her campaign: Noem said that 10 to 12 weeks before the June 2018 primary she’ll focus, week by week, on specific topics.

“People will know what I’m doing,” she said. “There will be no doubt when people vote on primary day. I think people deserve that.”

She added: “The priority is my job in D.C. right now.”

Her first legislative session as governor would feature ideas such as pre-selection of development sites and tying aid with skills – “the quickest way to turn our budget around.”

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10 Replies to “Congresswoman Kristi Noem talks about her candidacy for Governor”

  1. Anonymous

    Deep debt from taxes on her fathers estate? Sounds fishy to me. IRS gives you a 10 yr pay at 2% also you would have had to have had a relatively large estate at the time. #richguyproblems

      1. Anne Beal

        The estate tax exemption when her father died was only $600,000 and I believe the tax was about 55% after that. Paying the tax often required selling a family’s business, which was the survivors’ source of employment and income, or selling the family home, which the survivors were still living in.

        The exemption is over $5 million now, which is usually sufficient to allow most survivors to keep their jobs and homes.

  2. Anonymous

    The concept of paying taxes on the income when you earned it and then again when you die is abhorrent. Double taxation.

        1. Tara Volesky

          It really affects nobody. A good tax attorney will set the millionaires up so they won’t pay a dime. It’s not even an issue. She needs to talk about real issues. This is getting old.


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