Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s 2016 1Q FEC – $280,102 raised, $128,708 Expenses, $1,648,516 Cash on hand

is it about time for Paula Hawks to hang it up? Hawks’ FEC is not up yet, leaving questions as to whether she can compete at a statewide level, but Kristi Noem’s is in. And it has her campaign looking as good as ever.

Noem 2016 1q FEC

Showing $280,102 coming in as funds raised against $128,708 in expenses, Congresswoman Noem now has an incredible $1,648,516 Cash on hand to defend her Congressional seat against Paula Hawks, who has yet to seem engaged in this race.

Will Hawks offer a glimpse into her campaign gaining the support of Democrats? Or will she offer excuses as to her lackluster campaign.

9 Replies to “Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s 2016 1Q FEC – $280,102 raised, $128,708 Expenses, $1,648,516 Cash on hand”

  1. Anonymous

    What do you mean lackluster? She was on with Greg Belfrage on KELO AM last week-the only day I didn’t listen to Greg’s show when I heard who his loony guest was. She’s made her socialist/abortion-loving mindset perfectly clear, so I didn’t need to listen to the Hawk squawk-sorry, Greg.

  2. Anonymous

    She got my grandfather’s social security problem straightened out. Heck he probably weighs 110 pounds. So she’s for the little guy in my book.

  3. Sewing Ladies

    We were delighted to donate $20k to Kristi this last quarter. We wish her the very best.

  4. Anonymous

    Some questionable donations on the FEC filing. Personal donations from out of state lobbyists, Sioux Falls bankers, out of state “government affairs” special interest groups, out of state investors, out of state attorneys, out of state individuals, out of state college presidents, out of state CEOs/COOs. Smells like rotten eggs to me.