Congresswoman Noem announcement to supporters on her Gubernatorial run

Congresswoman Kristi Noem dropped the below letter to supporters on her decision to forego another term in Congress, and to run for Governor in 2018 instead.

There’s lots of good stuff in the letter, including the rough outline of a platform, where she noted three key issues for her candidacy – Job Growth, Fiscal Responsibility, and Federalism.  Check it out for yourself.

Noem Announcement Letter to supporters by Pat Powers on Scribd

16 Replies to “Congresswoman Noem announcement to supporters on her Gubernatorial run”

  1. Anonymous

    Somebody’s been running for two years and another candidates been running for about two weeks if that and starting to put out policy positions…. the first candidate needs to step it up… Or he is going to get slaughtered

    1. Former Noem Donor

      Too funny- Noem has been running for Governor for over 6 years. She was running hard for Governor in 2012 (she asked me for money) but the polls showed Rounds would have beat her bad in a primary so she dropped out.

      1. Annon

        Ask any congressman from any ag state about the key role Kristi played in getting the farm bill passed for one example

    2. go away Marty

      I wish Marty Capone would go away for a few months. I’ve had enough of him. I want a Trump like candidate like Matt Michels.

  2. anon

    y’know, here’s what gets me about this: Kristi has been campaigning like a bat outta hell for Congress. She’s raised all kinds of money. Then she transfers $1.8 million that people gave her for her Congressional run into an account for her to run for Governor. Why doesn’t she do the Mickelson thing, the honorable thing, and give all her contributors their money back?

    To add insult to injury, she asking people to send her “seed money.” With $1.8 million in the back, does Kristi *really* need seed money?

    1. Anonymous

      At some point, she/he will need to answer this simple question; “What have you accomplished?”

      The list is very, very short.

      1. Anon

        Played a major role in getting the last Farm Bill completed, author several pieces of legislation (that got signed into law) to help combat human trafficking, and likely in the next year she’ll have played a role in a major tax reform package.

    1. Anonymous

      That comment is Rich for many reasons…. jackly and Mickelson have been running for the last two years until mark recently dropped out…. plus don’t blame her blame IM 22 and Rick Weiland…. no way does she declare early and transfer all her money order if 22 doesn’t pass and plus jackly transfer it all his money over and declared early also

  3. grudznick

    How much did you send her, Mr. PP? And why are all the allowable amounts in odd $25 increments instead of big, $1,000 increments?