Congresswoman Noem fundraising 2-1 over Varilek for the latest reporting period.

The Argus Leader is reporting today that US Congresswoman Kristi Noem is running hard in the race against her Democratic opponent, Matt Varilek. The most recent fundraising numbers are in, and she’s put up some amazing numbers against him:

Both rivals are raking in the cash around the country for their matchup. In the second quarter of the year, Noem took in $307,000, while Varilek collected $151,000.

Noem, the incumbent, has benefited from donations by political action committees representing companies and associations, such as Google, Caterpillar and the American Dental Association.

Those PACs gave Noem $148,500 in the second quarter ? almost as much as Varilek raised altogether. Varilek, the challenger, raised $20,500 from PACs such as the American Postal Workers Union and the Amalgamated Transit Union.

But Noem also raised plenty of money from South Dakotans. She raised $118,000 from donors in state who gave at least $200, almost three-quarters of the money she got from individuals.

?We?re very pleased where we are. Kristi?s proud of the support she?s gotten,? said Tom Erickson, Noem?s campaign manager.

Read it all here.

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