Constitution Party: Kurt Evans running for Senate, Mystery candidate for D23 House?

An observant reader pointed out a couple of things with regards to the Constitution party’s unnamed candidates over the noon hour. And I have to admit, you had me on these, because even I couldn’t guess they would have gone this route.

First up, as confessed by himself, Kurt Evans admitted that he’s changing parties again From Indy, to libertarian, to democrat…. and now to Constitution Party, where’s he’s going to run, and presumably drop out for US Senate at a later date:


Read that here.

If you recall, Evans has been active in social media using anti-Catholic rhetoric on occasion, and has faced questions over accusations of stalking a woman on the SDSU Campus, as well as other controversies. He was widely viewed as a spoiler candidate in John Thune’s race against Tim Johnson for the US Senate in 2002, and has announced for US Senate on more than one occasion since, and dropping out about as often.

As for the legislative candidate running on the Constitutional ticket…. while Lora Hubble was the immediate suspect.. apparently, that’s not correct, according to outgoing Constitution Party Chair Lori Stacey (of the robot bees):


So, Kurt Evans for US Senate, someone for D23 according to robot bee lady, and Lora hubbel is the new Constitution Party Chair. Good luck with that.

And that’s all the news about the Constitution party that’s fit to print.

3 Replies to “Constitution Party: Kurt Evans running for Senate, Mystery candidate for D23 House?”

  1. Anonymous

    That is great news. Conservatives need a candidate in that state senate race. Just wish there had been a GOP primary.

  2. Anonymous

    to the last poster.. read again….the Constitution party says it will have a candidate with STATE HOUSE and US SENATE…not state senate.

    What is your beef with Cronin?