Constitution Party makes it official on candidates, announces D23 Candidate

Now, if they can only sue successfully to put them on the ballot. The South Dakota Constitution party announced late yesterday who their choices are for Senate and that mysterious D23 House Seat:

Kurt Evans won the CP’s nomination for the US Senate at the Constitution Party of South Dakota’s state convention that was held on Saturday, July 9th in Sioux Falls.  We are happy to have Kurt back in our party after a long hiatus.


Lora Hubbel was elected as the new State Chairman of the Constitution Party of South Dakota!  We also elected Joel Bergan as the new State Vice-Chairman.  Lori Stacey will serve as State Party Treasurer and Secretary.
Wayne Schmidt of Mobridge was nominated for the State House, District 23.  Wayne has run for this legislative seat in the past and we wish him well on his new campaign.

Read it all here.

Obviously, it’s summer, and there’s not a lot going on. Because they’re all going to get their silly butts kicked.  But, it’s something political to write about!

3 Replies to “Constitution Party makes it official on candidates, announces D23 Candidate”

  1. Willie

    It would be interesting to track the constitution party’s registration after this announcement. It is hard to believe that most of them would want Lora as their leader. It might be a good opportunity to ask these people to join the Republican Party.

  2. Anonymous

    I would love to see the Constitution Party become a viable alternative to the Republican Party, but with Lora Hubbel at the helm of it, the Constitution Party will be nothing but a joke. Lora should remove herself from the public sphere. She damages the conservative causes she supports.