Corinna Robinson declared her candidacy on 10/16/2013. Guess when she registered to vote in SD?

Here’s something interesting that I ran across last night. I finally got my hands on an updated list of South Dakota voters, and I took the time to look up Democratic Congressional Candidate  Corinna Robinson’s voter registration.

If you recall, I noted earlier that I’d been hunting on a previous list I had, and for some odd reason, could not find the congressional candidate anywhere on it. Which frankly is really unusual for someone who is running for one of the highest statewide elected offices.  What did I now find?

On October 16th, Jon Ellis of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader had reported:

A retired Army officer and Iraq War veteran plans to challenge Rep. Kristi Noem in the 2014 election.

Corinna Robinson served 25 years in the Army before retiring. She recently resigned as the anti-terrorism and force protection directorate at the Pentagon Force Protection Agency to run for Congress in her native South Dakota.

Read it from my post earlier.

That was at Argus on October 16th, 2013.  Guess what date she registered to vote in South Dakota?

Corinnas-to-do-listAccording to the voter information I have, it would appear that she registered to vote in South Dakota on the very same day – October 16, 2013.

Obviously, she decided to run, put her townhouse out east on the market, had to find a place in South Dakota to hang her hat, map out all the details of her running, and talk to the press….

And it looks as if actually registering to vote in South Dakota was on the tail end of that “to do” list.

The fact of the matter is that Robinson retired from the military in 2009, and took a job in the DC area where she had established a residence and put down her roots. In fact, I’m told that the only evidence of her voting that could be found was that she voted in Virginia in the 2012 General Election. Then, fast forward 4 years, and at least two major elections later, she decides that returning to the state of her birth would be a good place to begin a political career.

This seems to be a continuation of Democrats having to import their candidates. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin had established herself in Washington before coming back, but at least she had put a few years together in working in South Dakota before she left and came back.   And if memory serves, in 2010, Scott Heidepreim’s running mate, Ben Arendt, had only been in South Dakota  only a couple of years before being named as his Lt. Gov choice.

And now we have Corinna Robinson, who had to establish residency in South Dakota on the same day she announces to run.

When former Democrat Dale Hargens declared that the Democrat Party had “turned the lights out,” he probably should have also noted that they’re outsourcing their candidates as well.

6 Replies to “Corinna Robinson declared her candidacy on 10/16/2013. Guess when she registered to vote in SD?”

  1. Anonymous

    Corinna moved back to South Dakota kinda like Scott Brown moving back to New Hampshire to run for Senate since he can’t get elected in MA?

    1. Anne Beal

      Lots of people from Massachusetts end up moving to NH. There’s no state income tax and the liquor is cheaper there. My mother (age 90) just told me last week the nursing home she likes best is across the border in NH. Then she said she can’t figure out why Brown has decided to live there too.

    2. Kathy Scott

      Why would Robinson register to vote BEFORE she moved here? Not sure what your disdain for the military is, but I’ve yet to met a retired vet that wasn’t involved in service when he or she left. I can’t believe you guys don’t care about how long it took Noem to pass the Farm bill. Years! She’s not committed to you, she’s a suck up to the party and the party could care less about South Dakota. Seriously, after three years, what did she get you? Obviously nothing or you’d be touting her accomplishments instead of voter registration. Get your head out of the Republican Party’s Elephant and start thinking about what’s best for you. Geez.


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