Corinna Robinson: freshly back in South Dakota to protect us from minimum wage terrorists

So this is what the Dems have come up with against Noem. Someone who decided to move back to her home state after a lifetime away. Someone who as far as I can tell, has never voted in a South Dakota election. Someone who thinks that raising the minimum wage will prevent terrorist groups from forming.

Wait. Terrorist groups? What the…?

She spent more than 25 years away from South Dakota during that time before deciding to return. That time away, said Richard Schriever, a lifelong Democrat who attended the meeting, shouldn’t count against her in the coming election.


Robinson also cited her experience in counterterrorism as a way to back the state Democratic party’s efforts to raise the minimum wage.

“I knew firsthand that we could get on top of a lot of issues with minimum wage, so people can get jobs so they don’t have to commit crimes so they don’t have to get into terrorist groups,” Robinson said.

Read it here.

Oh my.

57 Replies to “Corinna Robinson: freshly back in South Dakota to protect us from minimum wage terrorists”

    1. Julie Gross (NE)

      Poverty does not create terrorists.

      A well-debunked myth.

      For example, ALL of the 9/11 hijackers were well to do.
      ALL of the US citizens who left to support the Taliban were from well off families. OBL had millions.

  1. Anonymous

    I agree. There have been far too many incidents of high school kids declaring Jihad at the local Dairy Queen. All that chanting, and automatic weapon fire make it hard to get a Dilly bar.

  2. sarge

    Hasn’t lived here for a long time, but comes back to save us from ourselves, sounds a lot like Daschle and Herseth. Based on her bio, I thought maybe they had a legitimate, intelligent candidate for a change; but if these comments are true I guess that perception goes out the window.

    1. Anonymous

      And I bet you feel the same way about Liz Cheney running in Wyoming, eh? By the way her dad dick did exactly the same thing, flew back to wyo. to buy residence superQuick so he could run with fellow Texan GWB.

  3. Lee Schoenbeck

    I remember the day clearly at Ron’s Jack and Jill in Webster, working as a minimum wage carry-out. I had to choose between jihad and Augustana. Thank God I got lucky. Amazingly, so did all of my Bearcat classmates, but one grew a beard that makes him look kind of like a terrorist – but he mostly fishes at Waubay Lake. Maybe he’s a minimum wage sleeper cell?

    1. Anonymous

      Wow that is not surprising since you are a teenager and a Republican who went to Teen Age Republican camp this past summer.

  4. Anonymous

    See because Al Qaeda pays around $9 an hour. So a lot of people move from Dairi Queen to Al Qaeda, at least until they can get a job at the new Costco.

    1. William

      No, Stace moved back to South Dakota before he become involved in politics, not primarily in order to run for office.

      I wasn’t born in South Dakota, I had no choice in the matter. I’m a South Dakotan by choice, not by chance. I’ve lived here, off and on, since 1979. If I were to run for office, would you consider ME a “carpetbagger?”

      1. Vi Kingman

        so its a matter of timing? I don’t think Stace is a carpetbagger nor do I think Robinson is. Sounds like she retired and wanted to come back to her home state. Nothing wrong with that

        1. William

          Considering she left the state when she was 17, only to return in order to run for an elected office, indicates she’s not just “returning” to South Dakota for her retirement. Perhaps, she simply views this as a means to advance her career in Washington D.C.

          1. Anonymous

            She has been serving her country for all of the time she has lived out of the state. We should applaud her service rather than criticize her for coming back home.

            I agree that she is not a carpetbagger.

        2. Anonymous

          She has been serving her country for all of the time she has lived out of the state. We should applaud her service rather than criticize her for coming back home.

          I agree that she is not a carpetbagger.

    2. Sal P.

      Stace gets a free pass on this one. He was away and spent time back in his home state prior to getting involved. While i don’t support his Senate bid he does get a pass on this subject.

  5. Lanny V Stricherz

    Probably not the best first issue to come back to South Dakota on, especially when there are so many others that are better. Like Noem leaving the ranchers West River unprotected during the blizzard that happened the first day of the shutdown, because she and her ilk were intent on separating SNAP from the farm bill but leaving the subsidies for herself and her ilk in the farm bill. And then when the vote came to end the shutdown, she still did not get it. And according to the first article that announced her return to do the fighting for South Dakota in Congress, not around the world as she has done for twenty five years, those two items were the first reasons Ms Robinson gave for coming back to enter the race. The way Republicans crap on veterans, however, by refusing to pass mandatory funding of the VA, and refusing here in the State to demand that all veterans of the conflicts of the last twenty plus years be tested for depleted uranium poisoning, it does not surprise me that the flag wavers of South Dakota, would come out against Ms Robinson before she even gets her feet on the ground.

  6. oldguy

    It will be interesting to hear and see her campaign . I have no problem with her moving back and running for office. I wonder if she has been voting in South Dakota while serving us in the armed service and does she still have family here? I am open to hear what she has to say.

  7. Dave R

    Funny, I can’t find her on South Dakota voter rolls.

    Granted, she could have registered recently after my latest update.

    1. PP at the SDWC

      Dave, that’s the problem I’m having. I can’t find her either.

      Doesn’t one usually register to vote in the state they’re running in BEFORE announcing that they’re running?

  8. GeneK

    For the 29 years I served my country my home of record was South Dakota. I voted absentee when I got a ballot in time but that didn’t always work. I thought I was a South Dakota resident even though I only returned for short periods of time to visit family and bury the dead. But reading some of the comments here it appears that I wasn’t a legitimate resident. Your stooping pretty low to discredit a challenger with this tactic.

    1. Anonymous

      GeneK, If she had done the things you had, no one would be arguing with you. But if I’m reading this correctly, she’s never voted here and has established her residence somewhere else.

      No one is taking issue with her service to her country. Only her residence.

    1. grudznick

      Probably online or on a computer system that has lists of voter records. How else would it be done if you can’t call the office with these lists.

    2. old timer

      If you were a candidate or campaign manager in the last election, you probably have a link to that list on your computer.

    1. old timer

      Yes, I saw her pic in the Argus today, she looks a lot older and less attractive than her announcement pic that came out last week.

      1. Halloween Masks

        She looks creepy. Flat purple lipstick and pasty white skin with black eye makeup is good for a Halloween costume but not a run for congress. Her original picture made her look like a congresswoman but if voters see the pic in the Argus she is finished.

  9. MC

    She does have the intelligence to link poverty to crime then to terrorist organizations, I think we can also include organized crime. I agree with her, there is that connection, where people in poverty feel they have no other choice but to turn to stealing, assaults and even murder just to survive.

    However she is not looking why there is poverty, then seeking to solve that problem. Our government are not oppressing them, they are not being hunted. As far as our poor goes, they are doing pretty good compared to rest of the world.

    Yes, they need good paying jobs, how do we get them? Simple. Limiting the size and scope of government, reducing (not removing) the burden of regulation. Businesses create jobs, not the government, businesses create products, and provide services, to make profit, our government does not. If the government really wants to get rid of poverty, create an environment will businesses can thrive; Where success is rewarded, not punished. That doesn’t mean every venture will blossom into a Wal-Mart, or King Soopers, there has to be some risk and that mean there will be failure.

    1. Halloween Masks

      True but it doesn’t mean we should let her or other Democrats and there Occupy Wall Streeters hold a gun to our heads and say “if I don’t get a raise I’m going to blow stuff up.” That doesn’t fly with me.

      How about we get this economy moving and start creating jobs that pay more than minimum wage? That is what she should have said and tied it to the shutdown.

      (She looks really scary in the Argus picture.)

  10. Troy Jones

    First comment: I think a person serving in the military is always a resident of South Dakota no matter their station(s).

    Second comment: When I saw her terrorist quote in the paper, I read it over and over to make sure I wasn’t drawing and incorrect perception or inception. Unless the article quoted her inaccurately, she and her campaign is on the fast track to set the new line for the lowest % a Democrat can get in a state-wide race.

    1. Anonymous

      No, a military member can chose what state they are a resident of. First indication is where she voted the last 20+ years.

      But then again, If Larry Rhoden being a 20+ year voting Carter/Daschle Democrat wasn’t important, why is this lady’s place of voting important?

  11. donCoyote

    A higher minimum wage worked so well in Massachusetts with the Tsarnaev brothers didn’t it? Oh, I see the problem. The Massachusetts minimum wage is only $8 and the proposed SD ballot initiative calls for $8.50. Problem fixed. She’s good.

  12. Anonymous

    I fail to see an issue of someone leaving the state to serve our country, better themselves and then return to run for office. At some point one would probably need to formally become a resident of the state their in and participate in one of our democratic rights in voting.

    My great grandmother homesteaded in western South Dakota and I lived in other states over the years and even though the other states were great in what they had to offer my heart was always in South Dakota. I kept up with state politics and though I was registered to vote in the states I resided. I have plenty of friends from SD that either moved back after years of being gone or those that wish they could but can’t with their careers and it would just be too difficult at this point in their lives with family and employment. It’s fun when you run into another upper Midwesterner down south or far away where it seems like you just click with the subtle culture we have here with our hard work ethic and other great values.

    I’m excited to see what this challenger to Noem has to offer. Domestically I don’t see where terrorism has much to do with minimum wage but if my world history serves me correct empty stomachs can lead to revolution, unstable governments and other bad things.

    1. Anonymous

      So she has a empty stomach and down on her luck so she’s moving back to SD after 19 years to represent us in congress? She understands us how exactly? I don’t get it?

        1. Anonymous

          Yeah, she wants to move back here because she wants one of our plum jobs that represent us in Washington. She’s a opportunist believing her intellect, education and experience qualifies her to represent us, it doesn’t, quite the opposite actually. Why do people like her feel the need to “move” here to move to Washington? No, I don’t get people like you bending into a pretzel to support your party. Military is one thing, this is just an opportunist.

          1. Anonymous

            If you read a little more about the agency she resigned from it looks like it was a very good job with excellent benefits and job security that was right in line with her military experience. It looks to me like she is making a sacrifice to come back to her home state to run for office. So now she is coming back to run an uphill battle, campaign, subject yourself to attacks, being misquoted and all the other things in politics knowing she may not win and then if she does win there is no long term job security.

            It’s unfortunate there are many people in our state who we all know that could be excellent in public office or more involved but they don’t want to subject themselves or their family to the negatives of public office

            1. Anonymous

              Yeah, right. It’s such a sacrifice to be a member of congress. Why doesn’t she run then from the state she’s living in? Oh, yeah, she wouldn’t stand a chance so she runs back to a low population state that she hasn’t lived in for 19 years. Do the math with all due respect.

                1. Ymous

                  That wasn’t the point. I wouldn’t vote for a republican either that is a carpet bagging opportunist. Just saying

  13. Mrs. McClick

    Sounds to me as if Major Robinson might know a whole lot more about terrorism than just about any of us armchair “experts” do.

    1. Ymous

      That represents SD exactly how? We need a representative that is one of us that has actually lived here in the last 18 years. Maybe she should run in NY or MA or somewhere else on the east coast where she lives.

  14. Duane Dodson

    Another Tea Party shut down the Government stooge. Kristi is fairly attractive but she is going down in 2014. The Demographics are changing in South Dakota, and though agriculture is King, without good schools and new ideas this red state is goning blue.