Cory Countdown is at 20 days and counting…

It’s been around two weeks or so and we still have yet to hear from Dakota Free Press author Cory Heidelberger over his permanent relocation deep in the heart of Nebraska. (In case you missed it, his wife has a nice new job).

While Cory is busy throwing barbs at Governor Noem, he still remains mum about his whole ‘leaving the state’ thing.

The Cory Countdown clock is now sitting at 20 days and counting.  Click on the image if you want to follow how many days we can expect until the state’s most liberal commentator is likely leaving the state on a permanent basis.

One thought on “Cory Countdown is at 20 days and counting…”

  1. Mr. H seems like he might be hyper-sensitive to this line of discussion. I have felt his wrath for bringing it up. I look forward to and welcome his upcoming spin on becoming an out-of-state blogger.

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