Councilman fakes attack on himself, invoking his disabled child.

Looks like being an utter douche bag apparently stops short of criminal activity in Hartford, South Dakota tonight, according to KDLT news. The city councilman who forged a letter faking an attack on himself managed to dodge a bullet when the States Attorney declined to prosecute him for falsifying an item placed in the public record:

Johnson originally denied changing the email, but at last night’s city council meeting, a confession and apology letter from Doyle Johnson was read aloud.

The letter states that the email he read during the Dec. 1 meeting “was authored by myself, under the guise of a fake email. I regret the negative impact upon the city and the council itself, and I have fully accepted the consequences of my actions.” 

“The disappointing part of that [letter] was that it wasn’t an apology to “Growing Hartford” or an apology to any business owners in Hartford who were specifically mentioned in the original email,” says Kuehl.

Johnson’s forged email involved insensitive language toward his special needs son, and wished that Johnson would “choke on a turkey bone.” 

“The email was extremely disturbing, extremely offensive,” says Kuehl. “Then when it came to light that it was drafted by Mr. Johnson, it was even more disturbing. It was a sad day for the city of Hartford.” 

Read it here.

And more of the story comes out. And it just looks worse and worse.

To make a local community group look bad, this guy falsified a letter making it look like the group was not just attacking him, but invoking his son with special needs in the disparaging letter he falsified? Wow.  And the best he could manage was a “non-apology?” Again, wow.

The best part? According to a blurb at the end of the story, he’s a teacher, in the classroom, influencing kids.  

Good god, I’m not sure what’s worse. His having been on the Hartford city council, or his being in a classroom full of kids. 

They got rid of him on one. They would do well to take a strong look at the other.

3 thoughts on “Councilman fakes attack on himself, invoking his disabled child.

  1. Anonymous

    Like Jimma Carter, Al Gore, Tim & Brenden Johnson, Joe Biden–they all use family tragedies to further their own selfish political goals. Why shouldn’t this puke try it?

    Douche bag? You bet. But when I called out some of the politicians named above for doing the same thing, my posts were deleted.

    I guess one man’s douche bag is another’s hero!

    –It was a sad day for the city of Hartford.”

    How is that? It’s “sad”? There’s only one person who is responsible, and he should be charged criminally. No sadness for anyone or any town–just anger at such a puke.

    1. Anonymous

      Interesting that you name a number of Democrats. According to the Secretary of State’s voter registration site, Doyle Johnson is a … Republican. Now that’s embarrassing.

      1. Anonymous

        Yeah, it is embarrassing…

        for Doyle and the rest of the creeps that were listed.

        One has to believe in some cosmic karma that is descends upon these douche bags.

        Whether its a death of a child, sibling, parent; cancer; deformities–one has to wonder if its payback for being so douchey, vindictive, mean, hypocritical, or a Sunday Christian full of lovey-dovey words but is a dick when called out.