Councilor Kiley’s response to Councilor Starr’s Request for Apology

Earlier today, the Argus Leader had an article about Sioux Falls City Council member Pat Starr who got up and walked out of last night’s meeting and abstained from the vote on the newly approved City of Sioux Falls mixed-use parking structure as part of a political protest over how the debate.

I’m not sure how leaving ever accomplishes anything, but that’s what happened.

This afternoon, City Council Chairman Rick Kiley sent out a statement in regards to Starr’s press release sent out to the media about the incident demanding apologies:

Councilor Kiley’s response to Councilor Starr’s Request for Apology

“Councilor Starr requesting an apology is really just a concerted effort by him to deflect responsibility for this public spectacle, and failing to uphold a Councilor’s basic responsibility to represent his/her constituents by voting yes or no on challenging issues.”

“It is unfortunate that Councilor Starr elected to leave the Chambers last evening.  Once he left Chambers he was no longer in a position to represent the citizens that elected him to represent them and to make the hard decisions required of a Council member.”

“Councilor Starr could have appealed the Mayor’s decision by making a motion to override the chair which he has successfully done in the past. Why he decided to avoid voting instead is beyond me.”

“I want to emphasize that public input was taken on all six of the remaining items associated with the mixed use parking ramp project.  It is unfortunate that Councilor Starr was absent for this additional public input.”

“It is a dangerous precedent to not make the hard vote.  It is my hope Councilor Starr will elect to exercise a greater degree of professionalism in the future.”

9 Replies to “Councilor Kiley’s response to Councilor Starr’s Request for Apology”

  1. Randall

    Thank you Rick Kiley for pushing back. The Council is no place for grandstanding opportunists. Starr abdicated his voting responsibility by running off in a pouting fit. Clear thinking citizens see right through his little stunt.

  2. Emoluments Clause

    Grandstanding? I think we should all be more concerned about the thought of the City of Sioux Falls continuing to do business with a contractor that has been fined by OSHA, because one of the contractors workers died on the job site.

    When a police officer shoots and kills a suspect, that officer is immediately placed on administrative leave by the AG’s office so that the AG office can investigate the shooting. But apparently in Sioux Falls, if a construction worker dies from an accident at work, it is just business as usual….

  3. Jackson

    EC…The AG’s office only investigates and has no authority as to the work status of any officer. Furthermore, even a casual observer knows and understands that there are multiple lawsuits pending concerning the death of the construction worker in that matter so it is hardly business as usual. It is easy for those prone to emotion to get caught up in the hyperbole of the situation, but discerning thinkers take a different path. Facts matter here.

    1. Emoluments Clause

      Your AG comment is technical at best. You know what I am really talking about here.

      The lawsuits you mention are civil. Where is the grand jury? Oh, I know, your come back will be that grand juries are private or not pubic, which they are, but once again you get my drift. OSHA’s initial findings and the contractor’s own Facebook posting suggests a possible act of criminal negligence in this matter.

      A “discerning thinker” doesn’t go forward with business contracts, and building contracts especially, with a contractor that has been found “willful” by OSHA. Sure, there may be a pending appeal process at this time on this issue with OSHA, but like the policeman scenario, a “discerning thinker” would understand and appreciate an “administrative leave” mentality at this time….

  4. Chplraj

    It was refreshing to have councillor “grandstand” if you Will, to bring attention to the sordid mess residents of Sioux Falls must put up with this majority leadership. Pat’s.frustration with Mayor and most of councilors is felt far and wide in this city.


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