Councilwoman Stehly still grandstanding. And a fellow council member calls her on it

From my e-mail. So this apparently went out at end of business today, as Sioux Falls City Councilwoman Theresa Stehly is trying to get more people to pay attention to her. Because, as noted before, it’s all about Theresa:

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Stehly, Theresa <<>>
Date: Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 4:24 PM
Subject: City Council Motion September 17th, 2019
To: KDLT News <<>>


What: A motion to assist citizens in the recent September 10th storm event.
When: Tuesday City Council Meeting on September 17th, 7:00 PM.
Who: Councilors Theresa Stehly and Pat Starr.
Why: We are bringing this action  forward in response to the magnitude of concerns that we have received from citizens, concerning the City clean up efforts. This motion will be voted on as a  new business item.

“Motion to strongly recommend to the Mayor that he direct city employees and city contractors to begin immediately picking up all residential debris, free of charge, in the curbside boulevard areas that resulted from the Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019 weather event.”

Contact: Theresa Stehly 929-8783
Pat Starr  321-9680
Theresa Stehly
City Councilor-At Large

Theresa making it all about herself isn’t necessarily sitting well with her colleagues, as noted by this post by Sioux Falls City Councilman Greg Neitzert which followed shortly after:

What do you think?

27 Replies to “Councilwoman Stehly still grandstanding. And a fellow council member calls her on it”

  1. Lincoln County Delegate

    Kudos to Councilor Neitzert. Instead of press releases and motions how about they roll up their sleeves and get to work. The council meeting is 5 days away and people need help now.

  2. Voter ready for change

    While Theresa was grandstanding on Facebook, telling people to call the mayor and complain about the sirens and coming up with a new government tree removal program, Alex Jensen was spending his nights after work this week volunteering his time and clearing trees and other debris. I think it’s obvious which of the two is actually a Republican.

    1. tara volesky

      What does Republican have to do with anything? I believe serving on the council is suppose to be non-partisan.

    2. Change ready for voter

      It’s better just to use the screen name anonymous. People here are smart and are very good at connecting the dots. You’re being really obvious.

    1. Sick of Stehly

      I’m fed up with councillors using their seat to gain social chips while ignoring the realities around us. Can’t wait to shake the at large seat.

    1. Forty Years in the Future

      Why would a society in the middle of the country build such a structure?

      Ancient alien theorists believe that it was originally designed as a landing pad for extraterrestrial vehicles.

    2. SD SUE

      The ramp was and still is much needed in SF and while we all wish there was a hotel partner we couldn’t continue with the group we had.

  3. mhs

    So she wants the City to pay for the clean-up? Where the Hell were she and Staggers after the 2005 flood? A flood that was directly caused by the city’s neglect of the sewer system. No City money helped the hundreds of homeowners with severe property damage. No city employees helped haul hundreds of tons of sewage-soaked furniture, drywall, water heaters, etc. out to the boulevards where the city would then at least pick up the mess.

    No, her hero Kermit and the rest of the council hunkered down, lawyered up and hid. It took a 4 year class action suit that my neighbors and i funded from our own pockets to finally get justice for all of us injured by the City’s negligence, via a $6.5MM judgement. Staggers was a ghost the whole time, didn’t say or word or act in any way to avoid having to admit his failure to address drainage issues that had plagued his district for decades.

    Was Theresa out demanding the City act then? She was the premier self-appointed citizen screamer at City Hall at the time. No, she bought into the code of silence to protect her hero’s failures.

    Her demanding free stuff now is hypocrisy of the highest order.

  4. Beth Smith

    Crazy is as crazy does. Theresa just being Theresa. This is her Act II in the Stehly production of “Look at me! I’m Mrs Meseeks!”

  5. Charlie Hoffman

    There is an old saying in the Purebred Bull business that the greatest color of a bull selling in the Sale Ring is FAT.
    The second rule for the Purebred breeder selling those bulls is stay positive, positive, positive in everything you say.
    Those folks in the public eye need to remember these two rules whenever possible. Be bold and stay positive.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree Charlie. Why bother to call out Stahley and Star? I don’t know them but there appears to be a rift. Isn’t everyone elected given a platform?

  6. JD

    To date, Neitzert has usually shared his thoughts in a very contemplative way. I wonder if he wishes he’d slept on this one before hitting “Send”. His rant sounds kinda hysterical – if not rather Sean Spicer-esque. “P e R i O d !”

    1. Anonymous

      There’s nothing contemplative about Neitzert. He always sounds like a raving madman.

      Stehly and Neitzert are acting like siblings who say and do things just to piss each other off. If one stopped reacting to the other, things would be much better.

      I’m just glad we still have some adults in the room.

  7. Anonymous

    While Stehly is making to score cheap political points with this motion, Neitzert should just shut up. He’s coming across as petty. There’s nothing absurd about asking the city to help its residents clean up after a devastating storm. I’m glad someone is challenging him in the council race. He’s a petty, petty individual who cannot handle anything criticism without flying off the handle. He and Stehly are two sides of the same coin.

    Spring cannot come soon enough.