Coverage on yesterday’s Dusty Johnson Campaign Kick Off Speech

Kevin Woster wth South Dakota Public Broadcasting covered the Dusty Johnson Campaign Kickoff Rally yesterday for SDPB, and related what we can expect from the Dusty Johnson Campaign:

Facing the small audience of several dozen friends, supporters and reporters, Johnson promised to use his energy in the most productive ways to promote “limited government, local control and family values.”

Johnson said he would fight for conservative values in Washington, D.C., opposing efforts by liberals to gather and concentrate more power in the federal machinery.

“If you send me to Washington, I’ll work every day to send that power back,” he said.

Johnson said that if he’s elected to the House, he’ll challenge those with different philosophies and goals but also seek to build coalitions where possible to benefit South Dakota. He said he would push for a seat on the House Agriculture Committee and use his natural tendency to be a “policy wonk” to his constituent’s advantage.

But he also pledged a campaign based on issues, no personalities, and respectful disagreements rather than personal attacks. And he said he would serve the same way, if elected.

“If you want somebody who’s going to respect the political opposition, then I’m your guy,” he said.

Angry, personal rhetoric is counterproductive to good governing and is bad for the nation, Johnson said.

Read that here.

And in case you wanted to watch the full Dusty Johnson speech from his campaign kickoff in Rapid City for yourself…

13 Replies to “Coverage on yesterday’s Dusty Johnson Campaign Kick Off Speech”

  1. Anonymous

    I like candidates that actually talk about the issues and what they will do. So far I think there are only a couple doing that and Dusty is one of them.. GO DUSTY!

  2. Common Cents

    Dusty has the energy, intelligence, and general understanding to be a terrific Representative for South Dakota. I can’t imagine anyone more suited to be our lone voice in the House. Go Dusty!

        1. Anonymous

          A conservative in the mind of Stace Nelson and a conservative in the mind of anyone else in the world are 2 different things also.

  3. Anon

    Great coverage for Dusty’s campaign yesterday. There seemed to be so many young people present. I’m glad to see our party still appeals to teens and twenty-somethings.

  4. SD rancher

    Say what you will, no one is going to outwork Dusty, he’ll never be one to “phone it in” that is for sure.

    Hyper partisan and rigid ideologically that he is not, but committed to solving problems that he is.

    The politics of politics gets to be enough at times, if everyone was committed to solving problems instead of trying to smear the other guy we would be much better off. Dusty is of that mold.

  5. Anonymous

    The nice part of this “launch” is more coverage, here at the War College and also in the media.

    Smart move Dusty!

  6. Denny

    Please tell us that there are other candidates getting into the gubernatorial and congressional races?!

    The nickname being bandied about for this guy is “Dirty Johnson” because of his connection to so many political scandals.

    1. William Beal

      Bandied about in your mind, maybe.

      You’d sound like an idiot if you said that out loud.

      1. Anonymous

        William, Stace/Denny can’t help himself…you can tell its him once again.

        He just goes from thread to thread tearing down people who are actually conservative because he is a RINO himself and can’t admit it. All he does is attack Republicans and stand with Democrats.