Crony capitalism ruined the baseball star?

Politically connected investment groups ruined Valenzuela? I thought an ailing shoulder was the problem.

(I didn’t know Lora was a baseball fan.)

3 Replies to “Crony capitalism ruined the baseball star?”

  1. Anny

    What poo is she flinging now? Lora, once again, does not know what she is writing about. Lora have you spoken directly with anyone who is involved with this innovative project or did you just read an article and make an uninformed ridiculous unfounded statement…. AGAIN. If you did trust the media then all your claims that they are frauds and crooks doesn’t hold water. You trusted them.

    Just one name from the proactive, future thinking citizens behind this project that you actually spoke with in person from Rapid City.

  2. Troy Jones

    Need more reference to what she is talking about. I am lost. But maybe that is the point. If you go where the Hubbelcraft goes, you are certifiable.

    1. Anonymous

      Hence everyone in the crazy Constitution party!

      I think pay per view of stupidity should be in order when Terry Lafleur debates Lora Hubbel


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