Crossing the fingers….

I’m crossing my fingers that we’re finally back up & running properly.

And before you ask, or start being a ‘pain in the ask’ about it, yes, I’ll be loading in all of the old posts. It may take some doing, as some of the backup files are quite large in size, and I’ve got to play with server settings to get them to take. But, be patient, they will be there, and hopefully I don’t have to do any major renovations for a while.

I’m not hating this updated theme, although, I may shift to a three column. The large type is nice for my ‘old eyes,’ and I like the crisp look.

In fact, you’ll note that for the old feed digest, I’m back with my original feed software, which they seem to have updated for the first time in years, and I’m happy with the way it’s operating.

I do have some tweaking to do, such as making comment links appear at the top of the page, as well as some other minor tasks. Such as correctly identifying authors, as the Nelson story immediately below is MC’s and not mine.

But for now, we seem to be back up.

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