Cupcake stand run by 13 year old boys shut down

There is nothing squashing the dreams of young entrepreneurs.

When local Councilman Michael Wolfensohn spotted the pop-up stall, he called police and filed a complaint against the boys for operating a business without a license.


The boys hoped to sell the sweet treats for a few years, save up and then open a restaurant.  They got off to a lucrative start, pocketing $120 on their first day of sales.  They used half the bounty to buy a cart from Target and added a beverage list (water and Gatorade) to their menu.

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This is this kind of entrepreneurial spirit that we need to pull us out of this slump.  We need people who are willing to take a risk to provide a product or service that is needed or wanted.  That is how jobs are created.

I hope councilman Woldensohn takes some time to talk to these young businessmen and help them realize their dream.

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  1. Ghost of Ronald Reagan

    But we NEED to have EVERYONE follow STRICT HEALTH CODES!
    MOUNTAINS of government regulations because EVERYTHING will make you sick or cause cancer. If a single germ is present, society is in peril.

    The free market will never combat this. People are not smart enough. Those who have qualms about germs and health codes would never think to avoid cupcakes made by a 13-year old, lest he picked his nose. We need armies of health code enforcers to make this clear to people.

    Ban caffeine/energy drinks, because this is a bad combination (even though I can mix vodka/Redbull my self).

    When will the insanity end?

  2. Reply to Dave R

    This has happened in South Dakota before, It happened in Sturgis 12 years ago to a youngman selling Lemonade and Ice Tea.


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