D3 Senate Candidate Heidelberger claims he’s moderate liberal, despite extremist views.

I had a great laugh this morning when over at South Dakota’s Liberal blog, District 3 State Senate Candidate Cory Heidelberger is trying to tell voters that he’s not an “extreme liberal,” he just might be to the right of being a moderate liberal, because after his guy Bernie Sanders lost, he’s willing to support Hillary.

I think most of us here would beg to differ.  I’ve heard rumors that there are some Democrats in the legislature who are quietly praying that he lose, lest he be tied around their neck like an anchor with his ultra-liberal agenda, making it impossible for any of them to get elected.  And, I can’t say I’d blame them at all.

Now, in the aforementioned link, Cory invites others to challenge his position as he tried to convince people he’s center left.  But as easily proven by looking at his positions, most South Dakotans would recognize that he’s arguably the most far left example of an extreme liberal that South Dakotans will have on the ballot in November.

Let me ask you, dear readers, where would you draw the line on whether Cory is an extreme liberal or not?

I could go on (and on, and on), but you get the point. Between bizarre ideas and taxes upon taxes until we cannot be taxed anymore, I’d argue that District 3 Democrat State Senate Candidate is literally the most extreme liberal candidate running for office in South Dakota this year, if not ever.

Your thoughts?


16 Replies to “D3 Senate Candidate Heidelberger claims he’s moderate liberal, despite extremist views.”

  1. duggersd

    Well, just because he wants to hand out condoms, that does not make him an extreme liberal. That might be a moderate liberal position. Just because he would like to see a corporate income tax, that does not make him and extreme liberal. He could even call that a moderate liberal position. I have actually heard some Republicans say they would consider that. Just because he wants an income tax on people, that does not make him an extreme liberal. That might be a moderate liberal position. If he only advocated on one or two of these things you have listed, I could see that as a moderate liberal. But I believe any sane person would look at someone who comes down on the liberal side of every equation as an extreme liberal. Cory fits that.

  2. District 3 Democrats Against Heidelberger

    We would very much prefer to send a Democrat to Pierre to help bring a competition of ideas and contribute to a healthy balance of power but there is absolutely no way we can support Cory Heidelberger.

    Cory has burned more bridges with people who are Democrats and those looking to support a healthy opposition to those in power in South Dakota.

    He has been riding his bike around Aberdeen on his campaign rounds wearing this ratty straw hat that looks like it came from an old Hee Haw Episode or look more at place in a Hippy commune. His appearance looks very out of place for a legislative candidate in Aberdeen.

    When he came to our house he told my husband that he knew what was best for him but were polite and sent him on his way.

    A neighbor across the street had a spirited conversation with Cory and asked him to leave but Cory had to get the last word in and our neighbor kept pointing to leave his property.

    Cory insinuated that a person who his highly respected in Pierre and has worked both sides of the aisle and just happens to be a very moderate Democrat was somehow involved in a scandal. It might have maintained or increased blog traffic that day with his usual inflammatory posts but at another person’s expense who has no involvement with any particular scandal.

    Brown County has had a great tradition of sending good Democrat representatives to Pierre but we urge voters in District 3 to vote yes and send Al Novstrup and NO to Cory Heidelberger.

  3. Spencer

    His appearance is not an accident. He idolizes Lenin and Engels and will do anything to draw attention to himself even to the extent of adopting their hairstyle and dress. I find it ironic that he gets upset when others look into his life for dirt when is constantly biking around town “watching” people and dropping in on them for a new scoop on anything he finds offensive, which is almost everything except anything he happens to engage in. One cannot possibly imagine how much of an embarrassment he will be in Pierre. Perhaps stranger still is the bizarre relationship between Cory and the other two Democrats running in the district. They look up to him like he is something to be idolized. They literally fawn over him to such an extent that one has to wonder what is going on. It is the modern-day equivalent of a Roman cult…ironically pre-packaged by a self-proclaimed atheist. Cory laps up all of the attention while he has brainwashed these liberal rubes into running his campaign.

    1. grudznick

      Ms. Bootz is an interesting candidate. Would it not be funny if she made it into the legislatures?

      1. Spencer

        They are both Cory Heidelberger recruits. All of their material and viewpoints and campaign material are either derived from Cory’s blog or directly link to or reference his posts. Yes, it would be interesting to see how Cory would exert his influence over either one if elected. Basically, Cory would have a house seat snuggly in his pocket to do with as he pleases with a Manson Family-like hold over either two if elected having them both act out to score political points for team Heidelberger while he spouts from his blog. Why else would the Democrats run someone like Bootz? Her unstable and childish personality is not very electable, but it certainly plays quite well into Cory’s constant manipulation of her campaign. She is the type of personality that Cory can easily take advantage of and control.

  4. Brian Liss

    Cory is the most obnoxious, dishonest internet troll I have ever encountered in South Dakota. He cannot behave like that and expect to win an election.

  5. grudznick

    Mr. H bikes all around Aberdeen wearing a funny hat? Now I am not sure if I find that disturbing but it is sort of entertaining. I would love to see this. I would ask him for a picture of it but his blog, touted as the most libbie in South Dakota, is broken again. I hope he gets it fixed soon.

  6. grudznick

    Am I banned now like Sibby, because Mr. H kinda likes me? That is unfortunate, as his blog is broken again.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      No, I’m not sure what happened grud. I’d never ban you. You’re too funny.

  7. Norbe Barrie

    I would like to participate with comments, but I will only use the name that folks know. And that has to happen until you make that mandatory on every one.


  8. Lee Schoenbeck

    Pat, I can’t agree that Cory has sole ownership of the title of most liberal candidate. The guy from the Northend district in Sioux Falls. Nesbitz, or something like that, is atleast equal to him. Both leave Bernie S well behind in their wake

  9. Anonymous

    OMG…..a bike and a funny hat? What a moron! This is SD, we all know common sense is someone on a horse with a funny hat. What is he possibly thinking?