D3 Senate finally in; Novstrup in a landslide (Updated)


After being silent for the night, Cory makes a statement about his loss. In probably the most ungracious and bitter manner possible:

…For all my cogitation over the past decade-plus of blogging, for all my efforts to inspire by example and run a smart, efficient, principled, and fearless campaign, I couldn’t break 40%, either, against a petty man who sits around the last days before an election watching football and stoking fears of Sharia law. I did everything I thought would provide a model for Democratic success, and I produced failure, just like every other new Democratic candidate (and several more experienced colleagues).

Beating the self-serving ignorance of the Republican Party should not be hard. Yet somehow, for us South Dakota Democrats, it is.

Read it here.

I did have a moment to chat with Senator-elect Novstrup this morning and oddly it sounds that while Heidelberger had enough time to compose a post where he called Novstrup names, he couldn’t find a moment to physically get on the phone, call Al, and congratulate him in his race.  Unlike Hoerth. Or Dennert. Or Elliot, who all managed to have enough class to do so after their hard fought battles.

So much for losing with dignity.

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  1. District 3 Democrats Against Electing Cory Heidelberger

    We would like to congratulate Al Novstrup on his victory! The SDDP has suffered one of the worst defeats ever in part due to a rejection of the Heidelberger Hard Left faction. It is too bad that we lost a few moderate and more reasonable candidates too. The SDDP purge is nearly complete and we can start to rebuild the party.

    Cory can have his associate come back to the blog now and they can resume their promotion of hatred of peoples faiths, mind altering drugs, conspiracies and baseless attacks.

    A celebration party is being scheduled.

  2. Buzzer

    Corey Heiderburgler, please LEAVE SOUTH DAKOTA. You are a very angry unhappy person. Go to California and live with the hippies.

    1. Anonymous

      I said Vermont, since he’s used to cold winters, but that is such a small state that he could possibly, with his vitriol and socialistic tendencies, enter into politics there, so maybe California is better.

  3. Anonymous

    So much for being a gracious (mega)loser Hamburglar! Instead of accepting defeat with a touch of grace you have again shown what type of (cough) man you are. Why don’t you go to Vermont and make pot ice cream with Ben and Jerry and the other hippies.

  4. Anonymous

    Good for Novstrup and South Dakota.

    Side note: I don’t see any posts from Wazzzuupp; he called any Trump win, “laughably optimistic”. Who is laughing now, WZ? Maybe he can hitch a ride to Canada with all the celebs who vowed to move if Trump won. Maybe Alec Baldwin has some room in his Rolls.

  5. Michael Wyland

    Those of us who have been candidates know how raw feelings can be in the wake of an election loss. I think it goes with the fact that many good candidates go a little crazy with tunnel vision as Election Day nears . The problem with blogging and computers is that it’s easy to issue snap communications that don’t sound good a day or more later. If Cory says the same things a few days from now, *then* get on his case. Give him today, even if he chose not to give it to himself. He’s suffered a loss and needs to grieve and reframe.

    1. Anonymous

      I lost a hard fought election. The next morning I called and congratulated her on her victory. I don’t think suffering a loss causes a person to react badly, it’s his personality and ‘know better than you’ attitude.

      1. Anonymous

        I agree Cory is extremely arrogant and has repeatedly not been able to pick up social cues and value relationships. Not sure if it is ADHD or what. He will find defeat everywhere he goes unless he starts treating people differently but he does not see that problem.