D5 Republican Byron Callies circulating petitions for State Senate

I received an e-mail this afternoon that Watertown/District 5 Republican Byron Callies is gathering signatures for his candidacy for District 5 Senate.

This would be to replace Neal Tapio who is anticipated to announce for Congress in the coming weeks.

Keep those notes coming to me!

12 Replies to “D5 Republican Byron Callies circulating petitions for State Senate”

  1. Anon

    Thank God. As least Callies lives in Watertown and is attends Codington GOP meetings. I couldn’t pick Tapi-who? out of a line up.

  2. Neal Tapio

    I think Byron would be a great choice for Senator in District 5, Watertown.

    I know him to be a strong Christian. I am certain he would prioritize faith, family, freedom and free enterprise.

    I’ve found Byron to be a kind and compassionate person, often displaying a modesty and humility that tells me he would be a true servant leader. He would make an excellent choice to represent the values I cherish and the morality I appreciate in a state Senator.

    Good luck, Byron.

    God Bless,

    1. Anonymous

      Byron is also the vice-commander of the American Legion for the entire nation!

      I cannot think of anyone who would look after veterans more than he will.

      Good luck!

    2. KM

      What is the dominant endorsing qualifier for holding public office for you, Anonymous 7:50?

      Do any of these fall into your top qualifiers:
      freedom and free enterprise
      kind and compassionate
      modesty and humility
      true servant leader

      Why do you discriminate against religion and religious people? It’s not okay for religion to be a factor when voting for or endorsing a candidate? Just because it’s not for you, it must not be for us? You do know you’re on a Republican blog? Many, many Republicans are people of faith, family and country.

      Tsk, tsk, your intolerance should not be tolerated and you’re walking the fine-line of hate speech.

      1. KM

        And these Muslim internment camps are being built where, do you have pictures? You believe there’s a “Muslim ban” too, right? What century are you living in?

        This is turning into another Leftist’s conspiracy theory, much like the Trump/Russia collusion. Are you going to drag this on for a year too?

    3. Bumstead

      Religion is perhaps more important now than ever before, what with Muslim extremists murdering every non-Muslim they can find, and leftist religion-haters despising anyone who doesn’t agree with them that we must be “free from” true Christian religion. By the way, Mr. Callies is former Rep. Melissa Magstadt’s father.


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