D7 Dem House candidate Snodgrass gyrates to pornographic song on tiktok for votes

You don’t see this everyday from a state legislative candidate. But, it has kind of become expected from District 7 Democrat House candidate Louise Snodgrass:


I don’t think many other candidates are encouraging people to get out to vote by dancing to W.A.P. (link NSFW, btw). As I noted to the Sioux Falls candidate who pointed it out to me, she’s done nutty stuff before, but I think she’s outdone herself here.

10 thoughts on “D7 Dem House candidate Snodgrass gyrates to pornographic song on tiktok for votes”

    1. That’s fair. If you pledge in writing never to dance that particular dance, or at least not to film it, we can talk.

    2. Gideon: I just spent five days in you district. Your signs were everywhere and stand out nicely. Congrats on the work you’re doing. As I passed Barry Goldwater’s statue in Paradise Valley this morning, I mused on how far the GOP has strayed from he and Reagan’s ideals. There’s a place for you in the GOP, hope you find it. Good luck election day.

      1. Thank you for the kind words, mhs. I’m feeling very positive about this race. We will see on November 3rd whether those feelings are misplaced or not. 🙂

  1. Mr. Oakes, in the district numbered 30, despite your leanings toward the demon weed, and whether you cavort in the dirt to some rap music, you are still the correct choice over young Ms. Mueller. She is insaner than most.

    1. Thanks Grudz! And for the record, I do not lean toward said weed. I do, however, lean toward a government that does not make that decision for me.

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